Off topic, gofundme for my mom


First of all, thanks for clicking into my post.

My mom is going through chemo for 6 months and we kids are trying to raise a little money for her housekeeping during this time. If you feel inclined to even share the link or offer prayers, that would be very much appreciated.

Thanks dolly friends,
Christi (jeepers)

I’ve been a forum member for a couple years (i think?)
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Prayers for your mom n the rest of the family. Praying for a healing.


Done . One kit less for me that would be staying in the box as I barely have time to reborn it . I did housecleaning and it is a really hard job especially when you are sick . Many would ask why the family won’t help cleaning . In my opinion family needed for emotional support .
I do hope you will be able to meet your goal .

All the best , hugs Andrea


Wow. thank you immensely. So greatly appreciated.


Thank you very much Mimi


You welcome


Praying she gets better soon. And you have been on here more than you think! All of us love this forum!


My thoughts and prayers are with your family as your Mom battles this. I dont know if you know this and I dont know if it is in your area but here is a link to a housekeeping service for cancer patients.


just checked there are some in the houson area! I hope that they are able to help you all.


Praying for your mother and family.


Prayers for all of you.




I wanted to say a very sincere thanks to you all. your continued prayers are appreciated. i closed the gofundme because mom asked me to. But she was very grateful and we nearly met our goal in under 24 hours. <3 :slight_smile:


Wow. That’s great! Some housekeeping services for cancer patients are free. See if the American Cancer Society can point you in the right direction in your area.