NuWave super pro with ring for sale at QVC

I don’t paint with heat set paints so I don’t know if this is a good deal or not, but QVC has the Nuwave pro with extender for $90.48 today. This includes shipping. I have never ordered from them but was looking at their black Friday sales…


That’s a great price for the best NuWave ever, and it’s the one with the amber dome! And QVC will usually break it down into payments even if you don’t use a credit card. Thanks for sharing. Surely there’s someone out there who needs one!


What a great deal! @Summer


Ugh I wish I had the money it sounds like a great deal

I just ordered the Ninja Foodi from QVC a few weeks ago. It was my first time ordering from them. I got it on the 6 easy pay plan and shipping was fast!

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Have you used your Foodi yet? I got one for Mother’s Day. I use it nearly every day. Just this week…Monday: pulled pork with the pressure cooker; Tuesday: bacon with the air fryer; Wednesday: hot dogs and frozen fries with the air fryer; Thursday: hard boiled eggs with the pressure cooker, and mashed potatoes with the pressure cooker. Friday: Turkey taquitos with the air fryer. Yesterday: reheat Allsups burritos with the air fryer; Overnight and still going: beans with the slow cooker.
My biggest problem is that I need 2 foodis so I can cook multiple foods in multiple ways at the same time. All of thanksgiving dinner could have been cooked in it. :heart:

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Wow!!! I love mine too!!! I need to look and see if they sell the pot insert separately … I need at least 3!!! Pull something out… put something else in!

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If you find the insert let me know. I need about 3 too.

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I’ll look on eBay!!! I’ll let you know!