Nursing home baby for my dad


Gave my dad the 1/4 limb doll that I practiced air dry on. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart: The resident manager texted and said all the residents think it’s a real baby and ask him if they can hold it.


Oh my gosh that really warms my heart. I really want to do this someday!


That’s awesome! I love seniors!


How sweet. It looks like he really loves his baby! :heart:


Okay, now I am crying! This is the sweetest thing I have seen all day!


How sweet and touching! Thank you for posting it!


Sweetest thing I’ve seen all day! :heart_eyes:


Thank you all for the sweet comments. :yellow_heart:


OMG precious!!!

When I get back home I think I’ll take a reborn to the nursing home I used to visit. I used to take my Yorkie there! They loved her.


So sweet :two_hearts:


That’s so sweet.


Love this so much!:heart:


I love this!!!


So thoughtful and kind, he loves his baby​:heart:! He looks like he is proud of you and the baby :two_hearts:


aww, thats beautiful! i just donated one also and I really hope the residents are enjoying it too.


I love this! Geriatrics is my jam. It looks like that baby will be well loved :slight_smile:


Oh that is just so sweet. What a nice thing you did, warms my heart.


The last picture, the lady is looking at the baby like she’s not quite sure about it! I love seniors, too. I think one doll would not be enough. If I were to donate dolls, I would go to a discount store and get the realistic ones for them. I actually have a couple I have had for a while, and people have been surprised it wasn’t a real baby! But, I am glad you gave this to your dad and he will share. :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful.


If those aren’t the best pics I’ve seen in a long time! He is the Man!