Nursery Name List?

Hey everybody, I found this the other day and thought maybe some of you might be interested in it. Some of you probably already know about it but I had looked before and couldn’t find anything. I don’t know if it is outdated or not. I hope it helps some of you. Type into your browser: Dolly 411 / Alphabetical Listings
Not the one that says something about the ROSE show. Nice list of Nursery Names already in use. It may not be complete.

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thanks for the great information
is this the list your talking about

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Yes that’s the one.

Glad I could be of some help.

Mine’s not on it… :disappointed: I wonder if PROGRESSIVE means they will keep adding to it?

If one of the organizers wanders by I’m pretty sure some of us could help you add to this list. :relaxed:

It really helped in the old days when we had signatures with our nursery name on it. We were much easier to identity.

My nursery name isnt on it :frowning: but there is a similar name like mine too on it. I researched my name before taking it so its just that other nursery that almost like mine. Its ok though because we both insert our first name so it makes it able to see which artist is which. Plus the other artist hasnt posted her work in almost a year, so she is probably nolonger making reborns at the moment. My nursery name is Almost Babies By Carrie. I’ve worked hard to establish my nursery name so hopefully if there is another Carrie out there making reborns, she wont use the same name as mine lol.


Mine is there!

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How do I get mine listed?

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Mine isn’t on that one either but Brenda will add it if you email her. That’s nice. I will do that right now. :smile:

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i don’t have my nursery on Precious Pearl Nursery

Can you please tell me how to get in touch with Brenda to have my nursery name listed. I don’t have her email add. Thanks

@vcarter, scroll up and click on the link @beth posted; Brenda’s email is at the top of the page.

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You can contact Brenda at: