Not sure what to do now


I am new at this. I don’t know what to do. Can someone please help me.


What is it you’re having a problem with? Do you want her darker? Lighter? I think she looks pretty good. Needs some eyebrows, though, and some shading on her ears and creases.


I dont now what colors to mix for creasing


If you’re using Genesis I don’t know, either, but somebody here will.


BB has a pre mixed creases thats nice it’s kind of purple so maybe a red blue mix. Just don’t get carried away and make sure to dry it out of the creases good using a sponge them molly mop or whatever you use. Your doing good try the eyebrows next and good luck with those my least favorite thing about reborning. Don’t feel bad about wiping them off for the 50 th time lol. Love your lip color.


I use whatever color I’m blushing with for creases…very watered down…brush the crease and pounce it out…

I would add more color to the inside of the ears, inside the nose, and some blue shading too.

She is looking really good and I LOVE her lip color!!!


For creases I use the pre mixed crease color with either the rose blush or sometimes the pre mixed blush that BB sells. I never use the straight creases because it just looks to purple for me. Not sure if you can really see his creases or not but this is the color it turns out to be.


I’m a creasing, shading and under-toning maniac. If those steps are missed, they aren’t finished to me :slight_smile:


Tutorial ‘Reborn With Me’ will help you with every step.


Annette from miracle babies nursery will also help every step of the way. She started a live class several weeks ago on you tube. The class is for air dry paints but she tells how to use GHSP as well.




Awe!! Thank you!!