Not sure what to do....advice please?

I just sold a doll on ebay and the buyer is in Russia. I just got this email from her and I’m a little nervous and am not sure how to handle it…what would you do? She has only 16 feedback. Here is the email she sent:

I have won this beautiful doll! I want to pay, but I have not my own PayPal account. My friend will pay for this item for me to your email of payPal (in description he writes the number and the name of Item).
Please, send me your email of PayPal.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Why, oh why, oh why, won’t they contact these sellers before bidding if paying is going to be an issue? I would be careful here too, as well, being that is is from a foreign country. Paypal wants to ship to the address of the person doing the paying for the item. I think that is the only way they guarantee any help to you.
I would ask for an international money order as well and tell her you will ship after it clears your bank.
From now on, you might want to make mention that if they do not have a paypal account to contact you first before bidding or you will not be held accountable. Either that or say “paypal account holder” only.

I would ask her to sign up for her own paypal account. It only takes a few minutes and she can pay right away with a credit card. I did that myself to pay for an item when I first got my ebay account.

I would be very careful about shipping to Russia. My son was in Russia for a couple of years and IF he got his packages they had been opened and things had been taken out. Of course things could be different now, but people would open packages and take out what they wanted. Although it probably depends on what part of Russia. My son lived in a pretty remote area. If it is a big place like St. Petersburg or Moscow, it would likely be better as they are more “westernized”. Good luck.

Thanks for your advice everyone. I emailed her and told her that I can only ship the doll to the person who won the auction. That she can open a pay pal account for free. Or she can send an international money order which will have to clear before I ship the doll. We’ll see what she says.

Something about this just doesn’t feel right.

I appreciate your help.


Go with your gut feeling, it’s probably right. Wait 7 day’s then file a NPB and get your fee’s back. Block that buyer.

I got this reply from her this morning:

No, I can not open the PayPal account, because I live in Belarus(Belorussian people can not to have payPal. My friend live in onother country.) Why do you not agree to receive the payment from my friend? - he writes in description my shipping address. (I have 16 purchases - all of them I do that)

I just have a feeling I’ll end up with my first negative fb because of this.


Thanks Pebby, I will do that.


Surprisingly pay pal just told me that as long as the money has been put into my account before I ship, its fine to do this.


What paypal say’s and dose are two different thing’s. I would not go through with the transaction if it were I. Better to be safe then sorry.

I would assume that as long as you shipped it to the confirmed address that belonged to the paypal account that the transaction would be protected by paypal just as any ebay transaction. I would at least send it with signature conformation though.