Not happy, need to strip my girl


How do you strip a doll done with Genisis paints? .I’m happy with the arms and legs but her face just is not right. Too gray. So I’d like to start over. Help me please. Can one be stiped without ruining the rooted hair? Thanks in advance ladies!


im pretty new at this, but can u do a wash to warm her face up a bit( is it yellow ochre wash for grey??)

Hopefully someone with more experience will be along soon to help you out.


Yep, a thin wash of the yellow ochre will warm her up. If you don’t have that color the BB premixed warm blush works well also. If you really need to strip her you can use Windsor Newton brush cleaner, but I would try the thin wash first.


like some of the other ladies said or you ca strip bakc and strat again using acetone.


Dont strip just yet, keep your clothes on!!!

Do a wash in any of the following…
Yellow ochre, raw sienna, burnt umber,or ever BB brow brown…but make sure it is VERY THINNED down…you can always do another layer if needed…

If you have to strip in the end try getting D o ll D ream s vinyl cleaner…it melts away genesis and doesnt leave the vinyl slick like some strippers do! LOVE the stuff !!!


Thanks for the advise. I will try the wash. Good excuse for a BB order since I want some other things too!


WAIT!!! I agree that you can probably put a wash on and warm it up…BUT you have to do something about that hair…hmmmm…I think people have said to wet a dishcloth and wrap around the hair…or put alot of conditioner in it…I am not sure…but I don’t think you can just heat it without anything, or I think it will ruin it and frizz it…someone will come along in a minute and tell you what to do…lol


Condition the hair AND wrap it in a wet towel. Been there, done that.


lmao…thanks foxmom…I haven’t ever been there YET…BUT I have read about it…and I just didn’t want her to GO THERE…without proper guides…lol