Not going to be doing air dry class this year at Rose


Thank the Lord she is doing well.I will continue to pray for your sweet little Emma.


God bless little Emma what a courageous sweetheart i wiill pray for her contiinued recovery.


Wonderful news! Our God is an awesome God!


This is amazing news. Continued prayers for miss Emma. :heart:


What a wonderful report!! Brave little Emma that’s for sure, most adults would have trouble enduring what she has gone through!! God is Good!!! I will continue to pray for this beautiful little girl. Get some rest Cher.


@cher_simnitt Thank you for the good news. Sending more prayers her way!


Oh Cher, this is the most WONDERFUL news!! We indeed have a good God. I am so very thankful to hear this and thank you so much for sharing this update! Sending hugs and will continue to pray for sweet Emma. :two_hearts:


@cher_simnitt Fantastic news!!! I know you must be so relieved!!! <3


Oh my!!! That is awesome <3 Thank God…


God Bless you and your family will b praying for you.