Not going to be doing air dry class this year at Rose


Beautiful Emma!



Thanks for the update, she has a piece of my heart! Praying even more!


Praying the lord blesses and protects your little one.She is a beautiful little girl.


Oh sweet baby. My heart just aches. I am praying for you all :pray:t2:


Thanks for the update. Still praying for her!


update from Emma’s mommy Kayla

General out patient appointment today with 5 minute chemo. BUT it can never be that simple for her. She also had to get 167ml of blood. That’s an extra 3 hours and we have a 3.5 hour drive home. Her appointment was at 12:30. It’s been a long day. Just glad her counts were great (minus her hemoglobin) which was 8.1 she starts round 5 next Thursday along with a ct scan hoping they will be able to tell us if she’s going to be having surgery or transplant and when.




Ladies Please keep praying for Emma! She is a sweetheart and such a fighter!


My family has been praying for her. My mom asked about her just a couple days ago. Thanks for the update.


Bless her sweet heart! Lord Jesus I pray for stength and healing to flood her body! Amen


God love her!!!


Anyone know how @cher_simnitt and her Granddaughter are doing?


Hi Anne ! Thank you for asking Emma had liver surgery on Jan 27th and was in ICU for 4 days she is doing very well- surgeon said that her tumor when first scanned was the size of a slightly deflated basket ball ( how could that even fit in Emmas tiny body !?) it had shrunk to a base ball size when they removed it and ALL 5 tumors in her lungs are gone !!!She is considered cancer free ! She still has two rounds of chemo to complete and is still on the feeding tube and needing a walker but she is doing so very well ,Thank you all so much for your Prayers and kind thoughts - this has been a very very ruff ride for us all but esp Poor Emma and she has been so amazingly brave thru it all,I have been home since feb 14th ,just been trying to play catchup and stay busy so I don’t miss my sweet baby girl to much and Emma would say -----SILLY GAMMIE !!!


Great news, so glad she is doing well. God is amazing !!! Take care, so nice to have this wonderful update


Bless her heart, precious little girl


Thanks for the update Cher. WOW! I can’t even imagine all that inside that poor child! Praising God with you that she is cancer free! Praying for complete and final healing for her and strength to return to her in fullness. Rest up dear, you need it I am sure! Hugs!


I am so happy to see she is cancer free! Praise God. And those wonderful doctors and nurses. I will keep her in my prayers for a full recovery.


Prayers for your precious girl for a fast full recovery!! So thankful she has been declared cancer free -answered prayers for sure!!


Praise God that little Emma is CANCER FREE!!! He is a good God. I will continue to send up prayers for Emma and the family, They have all been through so much.


All these replys have me in tears !!! Thank you all so very much -Things are settling down and we are getting more back to normal ( what ever THAT is ) LOL


Praying for your sweet granddaughter. :pray:t2: