Not going to be doing air dry class this year at Rose


I am so sorry for you and Emma. I pray strength and healing. <3


Praying for your Emma. I’m so so sorry


My heart breaks for your sweet Emma, Cher… I am praying praying praying for her healing and recovery! You are a wonderful grandma and it’s totally understandable that you need to take some time and step away for a while. I’m bummed you won’t be at ROSE this year to teach the class – I took it this year and it was absolutely wonderful! Hopefully other ladies will have the opportunity in future years.

Hugs and prayers to you and your whole family and especially dear little Emma… xoxoxo


Thank you all for your prayers - Emma is a fighter and we are thanking God everyday for each positive thing that happens


For Emma, God bless you always


Praying for little Emma , God bless to you and all the family.


Praying for sweet Emma. :heart:


Prayers for this precious child, Emma, her family and all caretakers. So sorry.


I’m so sorry. Prayers for all of you!:yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


Sending a huge hug and lots and lots of prayers :yellow_heart:


Thank you all !!


Prayers for you and the family.


Emma is admitted to Cooks today for chemo and They gave her a Christmas gift - a doc mc stuffing set - she loves it ! Kayla said that they told her she now has to give Emma a shot 48 hrs after her chemo so they will be teaching her how to give her little girl shots every three weeks - as A mom we try so hard to protect our babies from any pain - it is breaking her heart that she will have to cause Emma pain but knows she has to do it to help her get well


I cannot think of anything that could be more difficult for a parent (or grandparent) to have to go through what you are now. I pray for strength for everyone involved and for faith and trust and the power of our Lord.


Thank you


I am so sorry to hear about your grand baby! She is precious! Praying for you all and that she makes a full recovery!


Awwwww how cute is she!!! Such a beautiful precious girl!! I pray that she continues to fight and beats this!!


Thank you so much !


Hello @cher_simnitt How is our baby doing? Still saying my prayers for her!


Emma Has her mini chemo tomorrow and then next week she going back into hospital for the two day big chemo and full body scan - My Daughter kayla said she got a call today about anesthesia and so she is not sure if that means they will also be taking out Emmas pic line and re putting in the Port - Last week they put Emma on Methadone for her pain and that seems to be working better to control her pain - she told me yester day -Grammy I want you to come to my house and I said I will soon baby ok and she said BUT GRAMMY YOUR BED IS AT MY HOME LOL I bought a blow up and it is still up in the spare room !!!Thank you so much for asking and for all the prayers