Nooooo! 😩


Finally! Thanks to @Phassell trading a test head with me, Joey finally got a replacement head. Let the fat baby painting commence again! :grin:


Oh no!!!:scream:


Just curious - Did you switch to air dry meanwhile ?

Sorry this happened to you. Must be a horrible feeling.


No. I still haven’t switched to air dry. :grimacing:


I’m curious if the Sculpey adhered to the vinyl after baking???


Oh no!!! I’m so sorry :confounded:


Mcphersons has a sculpty-reborn match paint.


Really?! I wish I had known that two months ago. :grimacing:
But I’ve got my replacement head now. So I’m good. Maybe I need to get some of that in case I ever burn another one. :wink:


Nope. It didn’t adhere. I have since bought some other kinds of sculpey stuff. But I haven’t tried any of it.


There was a time when long nails on doll kit was really in! Do you remember how that was done? Something tells me Liquidsculpey


I bought some liquid sculpey and something else that people recommend for altering kits. At some point I’ll play around with the old head and see what I can come up with. He will be a good test piece now. :wink:


Izzy is the one to ask about Sculpey sticking to the vinyl as she has done some “remodeling” with it. As best I can remember-----It doesn’t have any longevity. I wouldn’t do it. Ask Izzy.


I think I remember Izzy saying it doesn’t hold up well, too.


Sculpey has a a glue specifically designed for this at Michaels. If you do a little sanding first, use the glue and back up anchors, than means you drill a little hole, let sculpey smoosh in there and kinda attach itself on the other side, its like making its own little nail, did that make sense?


Very interesting!!! So you don’t use Sculpey clay at all? Just the glue?


This is what I bought, but haven’t had time to experiment with. Is this what you’re talking about?


Yup, that would be the stuff, I use the one in the middle.


You sand the area down a bit, give it a little roughing up, it takes very little effort to do this, I used an emory board (nail file) because it was a small area. I then drilled a tiny hole (this is just what I did/do) Then you add the Sculpey adhesive, then fill or build with Sculpey and bake you can sand it down again with fine sand paper to remove any finger prints. The Sculpey and glue kinda get stuck in that little hole you made and help hold things together a bit. You could use a fine wire to do the same thing. Then you bake in the nuwave, 270, 10 minutes. That is what I set it at on my nuwave, you might need to work this out with what ever heat source you are using.

Macphersons (I think) carries a vinyl match paint specifically for this so when you paint your baby you don’t have to color correct for you boo-boo spot.

I did this to turn a closed eye doll into an open and to replace fingers that had fallen off (don’t ask).

I did have to go back and fill a bit with adhesive where I had a little lift and bake again.

Remember that vinyl bends, sculpey does not so I made sure that my repair spot had some sculpey on the under side to keep that spot from pulling away, keeping it firm and strong.

I wouldn’t do this on big areas, its good for ears, a nose, fingers, a tiny pit, burn or hole.


You are amazing! Very well versed. You should teach!!!