Noniesgirl HELP!

i looooove those rooting needles you sent w/ bluebell but boy do they bend easy!!! I am down to only one and not even close to being half way done.

what is the secret??? I don’t rush my rooting or anything!! Normally my needles only break if I drop, very rare for me to break while rooting.

I ordered more from you because I don’t want to switch needles while rooting the same head. I hope I get them b4 thanksgiving as that is when i need my baby done,lol!

I got some of those needles from noniesgirl too. I love them but I have bent a few as well. Even with a rice sock. I have to say though that this is the best rooting I have ever done so far. I have always had such trouble with rooting but I’ll get it someday.

Yes I cut mine and put them in a rooting tool. It is much better but I still bend them eventually. Not as much though. I think keeping the needle at the same angle for a long time bends it gradually.

So maybe I’m not cutting my needles short enough? That’s good to know. Thanks.

shew, thought it was just me!! i love them but dang they bend easy. i didn’t cut mine but i did hold them low… i will try cutting the one i have left…

they are also super sharp,lol, i have stuck myself a few time

the ones i normally use is a 43g from sandie and never had issues…

i love these needles i got w/ blue bell way better i just need to get the swing of them:)

it was super nice of her to include them:)