Noniesgirl HELP!

i looooove those rooting needles you sent w/ bluebell but boy do they bend easy!!! I am down to only one and not even close to being half way done.

what is the secret??? I don’t rush my rooting or anything!! Normally my needles only break if I drop, very rare for me to break while rooting.

I ordered more from you because I don’t want to switch needles while rooting the same head. I hope I get them b4 thanksgiving as that is when i need my baby done,lol!

Depending on what kit you are using you might need to use a rice sock.

I got your order for more and they will go out tomorrow, you should have them by Monday.

I got some of those needles from noniesgirl too. I love them but I have bent a few as well. Even with a rice sock. I have to say though that this is the best rooting I have ever done so far. I have always had such trouble with rooting but I’ll get it someday.

Have you tried cutting them and putting them in the wooden mushroom holder? I bent all mine also so can’t try it but was wondering if they were only the inch or so long if they would be stronger and not bend so easy and last longer.

Yes I cut mine and put them in a rooting tool. It is much better but I still bend them eventually. Not as much though. I think keeping the needle at the same angle for a long time bends it gradually.

Got my Blue Bell today and she is sooo cute, I love her Gina, thanks for the quick shipping and Needles. I will have a go with them as soon as I can.

I have found if the needles break I just cut them down and put into the mushroom holder and no problem. The longer your needle the easier they tend to break unless they are the very strong type. I always use the heated rice sock makes the rooting go much faster and smoother I think!

So maybe I’m not cutting my needles short enough? That’s good to know. Thanks.

I just checked mine that were pre-cut from BB and they are all cut
1 & 1/4 inches, they are the micro 1 barb needles and I have never had
one to break. Give it a try and see if your still having trouble. Hope this
info helps…

Well glad to know it wasnt just me. These needles bend very very easy, even with a warm rice sock.

shew, thought it was just me!! i love them but dang they bend easy. i didn’t cut mine but i did hold them low… i will try cutting the one i have left…

they are also super sharp,lol, i have stuck myself a few time

You have to remember that the higher the needle #(number) the finer the needle is going to be. From what I understand, the finer the needle the smaller the hole is going to be as well, #43 being the finest needle size. So If you are use to using a lower needle (#) it will usually be stronger, but leave a larger hole in the vinyl. The exception of course is the barbless forked German Needle, which is much stronger and totally different.

It is just what you get use to and prefer. I think is was very nice for Gina to tuck these into the dolly package for us to try, don’t you.

the ones i normally use is a 43g from sandie and never had issues…

i love these needles i got w/ blue bell way better i just need to get the swing of them:)

it was super nice of her to include them:)