Nonie's Angels Non communication

Anybody know what’s up with Nonie’s Angels? I ordered (and paid for) something from her website on Aug 9th and haven’t received it or any shipping notification. No communication of any kind. If she’s not using the site anymore shouldn’t she take it down? Shouldn’t she refund my payment if she’s not going to fill the order? She might be on Facebook but I don’t use Facebook.

When I used to buy from her she was so prompt on everything. Hmmm…

I’ve bought from her for years with no problems so IDK what’s going on.

I looked at FB for you (hope it’s a right place). Her last post dated 3/11/18.


She is active on her personal page but I do know she has started a normal job… I wrote her on it and asked if her website was still active and that someone on the BB forum said they had ordered a month ago and haven’t heard anything…
no reply yet.

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