Noel Olga Auer


How did you feel about the size of this kit? I’ve been seeing 20" for this kit but the pictures I’ve seen this kit looks way smaller then 20". When I first saw the picture before reading the length I though for sure this was a 16-17" baby. I adore that little old man look. :heart::slight_smile:


He is a little guy
I have the kit here


I think he is more like 17 inches with bent legs or 19 inches if you straightened his legs. He has the same limbs as Thomas Auer and that size is what the description for Thomas says on MacPherson’s. I have both kits and their heads look similar in size as well.


I thought those limbs looked familiar! I am thinking I might wait until I see the kit in person before ordering a body. That way the horse does not look too long. Horse?! Ok wow. Haha *TORSO haha it’s been a day


I love those little peanuts! :heart: Are the lines on his forehead as prominent as some pictures online show? I have no problem with them just asking out of curiosity. Lol.


I took pics with Tink to show his size… his arms are shorter… lol


Thanks!! Lol. I hate to say it but those short arms remind me of a T-rex. Haha!! Poor little bub. Nothing against the sculptor I just wish those arms were a tad bit longer.


This is my Noel in newborn clothes. He’s definitely a little dude


Mine came out to 18" long and wore NB size sleepers and larger preemie onesies.


I have some Auer babies and I find all the arms look too short for the rest of the babies.


I didn’t think that about the arms. I used the BB belly plate for I think it is Bean. The smaller one for preemies.


That’s Leif and Aspen’s plate, the belly button is different on Bean’s :slight_smile: I used Bean’s on this one, it’s a female plate but I cut the girly bits off


Yes! Definitely!! Ellis especially IMO-- his head seems SO big because his limbs are a tad too short. You can’t just use a bigger body either. Thomas too


My daughter had short arms and legs when she was born and a long torso. Then my son was born super long and lanky limbed. Babies really come that way.