Noe listed please cheer her on!

I have my beautiful Noe now Mariah on Ebay. I would appreciate you ladies cheering her on! … :MESELX:IT

She is sooo sweet and her rooting is TDF. BOL!!


Thank you so much!! I have trouble getting good pics though. I just hope that she will sell. Ebay is scarry!

She is very pretty. BOL to you.

Thank you ladies so much!!

She is gorgeous. Good luck.

Oh you ladies are so wonderful! Thank you!

And ladies your siggies look beautiful also!!

She is soooo cute! I hope she does very well for you on her auction! That dress is adorable on her.


Thank you! I have been afraid to list her. Ebay is so terrible. You would think that it would pick up one of these days.

She is lovely and at that price she should sell quickly!

She’s adorable, Sue. I hope she does well for you. Good luck!

I’m surprised someone did not snag your BIN right away! Very low price for a beautiful baby!!!

She is a cutie. I am cheering her on…it sure is a bargain price…

She is so sweet bol with her auction.

       hugs tina

Thank you so much! Yes she is a bargain price. But even with the low price i’m not sure she will sell. Have any of you ladies been watching Ebay? It’s terrible!!

I have changed her starting price. Just a tad.

I don’t think that the economy is getting any better.