...No wonder I've been sick!




What has you scared ? Giving birth to the baby or taking care of the baby ?
I am guessing probably both a little bit.
My advice would be to just relax and ask around and find a good Dr. to take care of you and the baby.
If you have siblings or friends with new babies go visit a lot and help them out.
Loving the wee one is the most important thing. The rest will come.
When i had my first i was so afraid of giving him a bath and he would scream bloody murder.
My mom came and did it for the first week.
Then finally she said honey your gonna have to learn to do this.
Once I actually did it I was fine, accept for hearing him cry the whole time lol.


Awe congrats !!! You ll have a real baby to cuddle for awhile - they grow fast - enjoy it even thru the late night feedings - the endless diaper changes - etc . It will be over before u know it :slight_smile:




Congrats! There is nothing like having your own child. The love you have will over come everything that comes your way. The one thing I have no regrets in my life about is having my 4 children.


One can never plan on what blessings you will recieve, it was meant to be, so surprise!!!. Hope you feel better and congrats.:star_struck:


Well no wonder!! Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you! Don’t be scared! It goes so fast. My only regret is only having two. I didn’t seem to have the option have more and had always wanted three lol. You’re going to be just fine and so is that baby! God Bless! :slight_smile:


Congrats!! How exciting!..when its your own baby its different. Ive had 5 and I still feel a bit funny holding someone’s baby but when they were mine it was totally natural.