...No wonder I've been sick!


Thanks for the reassurance! :slight_smile: :heart:


Congrats! Very excited for you :smile:


Congratulations, Pregnancy can be scary if you haven’t done it before but you’ll be fine and the baby will be a wonderful blessing!! Does your family know and are they excited?? If you could pick, boy or girl?? Guess it’s NOT like picking a kit huh??


No you guys are the first to know! :heart: I really want a girl so I can put her in some big bows and fancy dresses. But as long as baby is healthy then that is more enough for me:)


Babies are NOT as fragile as people think.
When I was pregnant I went hiking, went to Disneyland on my due date, worked till the day before I had her, drank alcahol (like half a glass on New Year’s), slipped and fell down a slope, went to the beach and swam in the ocean, drank coffee… And nothing bad happened.

Kids aren’t as fragile as people think and your body is desgined to do this.
Look it up.

People have ridden horses, fallen down the stairs, taught Zumba, gone camping, gone backpacking, gone on roller coasters…

Don’t be afraid, your body is built to do this.


I hope you get what you want but I agree, any one is fine as long as they have that 'healthy" gene!!


Oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS! There is no great blessing and I am so happy for you!


Your ob/gyn can give you information. Some clinics offer classes. BUT, don’t let what ever you read scare you. Everybody is different. Make sure you get your prenatal vitamins. Good luck.


Hey Katie! You just had a baby girl do you find headbands fitting their heads when they are real little like that?


Thanks! I’ve already been talking to a midwife and will be having little bean at home and it is scary! Lol I tend to over protect myself and others but I’m sure I will call down after a bit.


You will. I had all 4 of mine in the hospital, but all natural, no meds! I could have had hem at home. :joy::joy:


I know nobody is coming near my back with no giant needle type thing! :joy: I would much rather going natural. :slight_smile:


Yay! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We’re all right here for ya. Youre going to do great! :hugs:


That used to look more like a hug emoji. Now it looks like I’m giving you a double high five. So…high five! Haha


Congratulations! You’ll be just fine. Feeling your baby move inside you is an experience unlike any other. Pregnancy and childbirth were the most amazingly awesome things I’ve ever experienced. I LOVED being pregnant, even when I had to fit morning sickness into my getting ready for work routine. I even loved those middle of the night feedings when it was just me and my baby and the rest of the world was asleep. It goes by so quickly. Once born, your baby will teach you what he/she needs. They’re not as fragile as they look.
There are some very good books out there that might be helpful. One is Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care. Reassuring, practical, nerve calming advice. I highly recommend this one.
What To Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff is another good one.


I planned to go natural and then changed my mind




Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news :smile:


Congratulations on you new blessing