No more fees for bronze


I already disappeared :grinning:

I do not think I will have much time for painting until mid-may, so I guess I will figure it out then. And my choice will be 1/3 easier Gold or Silver.


You would do fine with either, really. Your babies are beautiful and will sell regardless.


Thank you. That is so sweet of you to say!


So with the bronze now will our Nursery name be in the members page? Sorry if this was mentioned I didn’t see it :slight_smile:


No. Nothing of yours will be seen on the site when people go there directly. The only way to use the free option is to advertise your nursery and when people click the link, they will be taken to your page.


That is not something new. ‘Broze’ babies didn’t go to the ‘Just Born’ page before.


@YelenaRey, this is what I was referring to in my comment about the “front page”. This part below is taken from Dave’s comment.
The only catch is you have to fully advertise your nursery yourself as you will not get any advertising on the main pages of Reborns.


Thank you! I understand it now. I have silver membership, but see why ‘bronze’ people are concern now.
It’s explains why Members list shrinked. I just naively thought that people are preparing for ROSE…


I don’t like this change. I’ve sold almost all of my babies at the Bronze level. It’s true they didn’t show up on the front page but they did show up under Babies For Adoption, which is where I look anyway, because all the babies are listed there. I don’t do social media so linking to is of no use to me. The only useful thing (IMO) about the ‘free’ membership is that your nursery doesn’t disappear if you haven’t renewed. When I tried Gold, I didn’t sell a thing. I currently have the Silver membership & I’ll stay with it.
I’d really like it if the rotations weren’t random, but the listings started at the top and moved one slot over or down as new babies are listed. It seems like it would be more fair and give everyone equal time. I listed my latest baby 21 hours ago. She was on the first page yesterday and part of today. Now, she’s already halfway down the third page. There haven’t been that many new listings.


Your Kiley shows as the 11th listing on the front page for me.


Every time when you click on ‘Babies for Adoption’ tub - the order is changing. And I also think it depends on which device you are viewing the page.

@jeanhai What is the name of your baby/ kit. I’ll look when she is for me. She is definitely not 11th for me.


I see her now under Just Born. I don’t know why I didn’t before. She’s 26th under Babies For Adoption, below babies that have been listed for several days. I guess I just don’t understand how they rotate other than one gets bumped when a new one is added, but what determines which one gets bumped? I’m not just griping, I really don’t get it. To me, rotating is like a ferris wheel that goes from the top to the bottom and then back up again.


Her name is Kiley. She’s 11th under Just Born and 26th under Babies For Adoption. She keeps moving. I’m on a desktop computer. She’s getting viewed, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I’d just like to understand it. I’m one of those people. lol


I think the next baby to get bumped off of the front page should be Saskia… at least that is how I think it works… but never paid attention


On my ‘Just born’ page last baby is Luxe.


I love this baby!


Yes, Kiley is 11th for me on ‘Just Born’, but she will be rotating all the time on 'Babies for Adoption. I am on my laptop.


That one of Bebe’s doesnt show for me on my computer or phone.
But my phone and computer show the same order and babies on both. :thinking:


I am so confused. Now Saskia is the last one for me on the first page, but Luxy move to the second place on the second page, however no new babies were added.


Okay ty honey! :slight_smile: