No more fees for bronze


New policy for Free to list but no advertising comes with this option. Not sure how I feel about this yet.


Oh my! I don’t either. :frowning: I have the gold membership. I don’t have a way of advertising. I have FB but thinking about getting off and just staying with Instagram.


I kinda like it.
Now people can still see my previous work or available babies without me having to pay.
I have a shop button attached to my facebook nursery so if they click from there they will go straight to my nursery on reborns .com even if I havent paid my membership.

When I have babies to sell I always use the gold membership anyways. And I assume that one hasnt changed?
(I have no available babies right now due to stocking up for my booth at ROSE, so havent been on the site lately)


Yes. Just the bronze level has dropped the fee. Free to post them but there is no advertising them on the reborns front page according to Dave.


I dont think they were there before.
People had to click through the pages of available babies… maybe they are not in the pages now either? Not sure.


Probably just to have a nursery page only?


I’m thinking they won’t be listed under the “available babies” section at all now. People would have to go directly to your nursery to see what you have available.

I think it’s awesome to have a free nursery. Lol People will still find you, don’t worry. I have had no available babies for a long time and still get random messages from people who clicked on purchased dolls to send a message. If for some reason babies started to pile up, I would pay the $10 or $20 option with no problem though. I paid more than this in Ebay fees to sell ONE doll.


It appears to me that in order to find your babies, the buyer will have to have a link to your nursery page itself. I have nothing to sell, so let my membership go and now have what Dave calls the “free level” even though I did not sign up for bronze. Indeed when I checked to renew, bronze is no longer an option. Unlike the Bronze level before, my nursery name is not listed under members- so for this to work I think you will have to put your link directly to your page wherever you can… I tested to see if typing in the sculpt name and searching for that sculpt or my nursery would bring up my page- it does not. Am I missing something? Because this seems more like eliminating the Bronze level than making it free.


Perhaps. His other sire (Bearpile) only has one membership level and has many more members than the reborn one.
I like a lot of the features the other site has. (I am not a member there, so the things I see are just what buyers would see, not sure all the differences as a seller.)


I have babies I need to sell so I’m going to try it out. I think you will have to advertise your nursery page on fb or other social media accounts but I’m okay with that.


I usually do the gold membership. But I only have layaway babies listed right now. I wanted those customers to still be able to see their babies. So 2 days ago I renewed with bronze. But I had to pay for it. So, I paid $5 for 2 days worth of use since it’s free now? :woman_shrugging:t2:


Email him about it.


I just clarified with Dave. You are correct. Your nursery will not be seen at all on the site. The only way for people to access it is from a link that you provide on your social media page or maybe as an email signature.

In a nutshell, it is of no use unless you are popular and have a large following somewhere besides on the reborns site.


Just curious, what features do you see there that aren’t on reborns? I’ve only ever looked at the site, never bought anything.


I havent used them but you can leave comments on the listings and such. (I did set up an account but not a seller account)

And you can scroll through the pictures in the listing on the adoption page under just listed (on a desktop)


So ours will not show up under available babies?


Thank you for clarifying it for us. I have never used the Bronze level, but was considering it. I know I heard complaints about Bronze members’ babies not showing up on the front page or something like that, so I guess this is Dave’s solution. Perhaps the site is growing and has to move towards one membership fee like bearpile. I actually have sold more on eBay, but of course the cost is higher.


No, nothing will be shown. The only way people will see anything is if you send them there via a link.

I actually have only been using the bronze level for quite some time now and was doing just fine. My babies all sold pretty quickly and I still get messages from people who are asking about customs. I preferred this level because I got way fewer messages from time wasters.


I think it is unfortunate that those who did fine with Bronze will not have that option. It also seems that the description for Gold is a little different. I remember that babies would show in “Babies for Adoption” but I do not remember it specifying one at all times. Did it always say one?


I’m not 100% sure because I only tried gold a couple of times, but I feel like this might be something new as well.

Oh well, silver is fine too. It’s only $5 more than I was already paying. If I ever have any ready made babies to list, I will pay it. Otherwise I am going to disappear from there in 5 days. :grin: