NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Anyone interested in a Molly head?

When I got my test heads a while back one of them was Molly. I painted her a bit and then stopped, put her away and completely forgot she was even there until a few minutes ago. I have no plans to start painting her again, so I was wondering if any of you are interested. I’m only asking for the cost of shipping, the head itself is free. She will need to be stripped (a bit of her already is). Just let me know if you want her and we can work out the shipping price.


I’d be interested if she’s still available :heart_eyes:

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That’s very sweet of you :heart:

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Don’t give me too much credit, lol - I couldn’t let her poor little bodyless self spend the rest of time alone in the closet :laughing:

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Lolol your a good woman! :joy:

She still available

Nope, sorry!

Thank you