Nikki needs prayers see Do you think I might be addicted? thread

Nikki’s in the ER bleeding and her doctor’s at another hospital. They haven’t admitted her. She’s just sitting in the ER. Send prayers quick!


Thanks for starting this, Jean. I certainly hope she and Bunny are OK!

My daughter did the same thing with her bunnies. Sure hope Nikki is ok. Praying for all to be okay.

Omg :frowning: sending tons of love to her and bunny!!!

Nikki just responded that she is in a bed now. Response is on “Do You Think I just Might be Addicted”. Maybe we can pull all these chains together so we can all know what is going on. Pray hard! She said she is bleeding hard and shaky.

Most of it’s on that thread. I agree we should all go there.



Here’s the link to the other thread:

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Sending unending prayers to Nikki and Bunny. :heart:

Copied and pasted from my other reply:

Maybe you should ask if they can keep you for a few days and monitor your urine and blood and bunny. I’d ask. Praying,Hun. I ask for legions of angels to surround you and your baby. I ask Jesus to hold you both close to his heart and protect you and give you peace. I ask God to surround you with the blood of Jesus and heal you both and make you whole. Amen.
I ask you all to agree because Jesus said if two or more are gathered in my name it shall be done. I agree


Just seeing all this tonight. Praying the bleeding stops and Mom and bunny are well.


lot’s of prayers

Has there been an update from her? Is she doing well? She was so nice to me and I keeping her and Bunny in my prayers tonight. Hope to hear from her soon.

Prayer Posse is at work for you Nikki,blessings on you and your Bunny.

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