Nicked-up Nose


Is it possible to repair nicks on a nose. I purchased this sucky lip Berenguer to reborn for my mom for Christmas. But I received it with the nose nicked up. The seller refunded all my money, plus let me keep the doll. So is it salvageable? I took a very fine sandpaper and was able to get the two small pinprick size holes out, but there are two deeper nicks into the vinyl that seem like they need to be filled in with something. Is any of this repairable or is it too much trouble & better just to start over with another head. I listed in the “want” section for a new head, in case that is what I need to do (would rather start with new head but would like to know if this one is repairable). Thanks so much ladies.


I got carried away with a dremmel tool on a Berenguer head
once.I filled in the boo boo with matt varnish and sanded it,
but I’m sure there are other ways too.


I would use thick medium to put on it, and gently sand it.

   Hugs tina