Nice sweaters


I found these nice sweaters last weekend at carters for 2.99 each.


They are very nice!


Good find!! There’s a lady at my local store that comes and takes all the clearance clothes and piles them in her cart even if there’s 10 duplicates. I think she resells them. So frustrating because then there’s never anything good for me :sob:


I hate that! And the Dollar General extreme couponers too! Even if they hoard the bargains for charity, it’s rude! :rage:


I was debating whether or not to drive the hour drive to the big city today to do school shopping. You may have swayed me. I need Carter’s clearance too. And I love those sweaters. :heart_eyes:


Thank you


That’s terrible and inconsiderate. I left 2, I didn’t buy them all. My daughter brought 1.


I just bought $60 worth of stuff from Carter’s online and got a halloween costume, stuffed unicorn, and 4 pairs of original t shirts. It was all on sale and then they had a 25% discount on top of that if you spent more than $50