Newspaper article is ready!

Okay–here we go–go to Worthington Daily Globe and click on liifestyles. This has the story (condensed). Click on the picture. Photo galleries has the pictures. Hope you find them and like them.

Jean that is so cool!! I love it!

That is really nice …Congratulations Jean!

That is fantastic! Is that the baby Jesus you are holding?

Very nice article. Definatly not like others who portray us as crazy women who belong in the Funny Farm.

Oh, and as for your girls who are little devils and get into mischeif, I have some of thoes too. Its ok because they are just like their mommy

That’s a great article indeed!

Too bad they didn’t include some more pictures!

We can always use some marketing…

Great article Jean, and of course it’s alway’s good to see your smile

Thanks, ladies! I tried to put a positive spin on it and there were about three pictures, but when you don’t write it, it is out of your hands.

Wow, way to go. Now you’re famous.