Newer face on Gena & Gabriel - you like?

Has anyone reborn the newer Gena face? I would like to see it. I do not like the looks of the newer blank kit head on Gena. I liked the chubbiness of the cheeks on the older face better. I also don’t care for the curled out ears on the newer face. I do like the detailing on the limbs though. Maybe she will look better when painted but she doesn’t look like the same baby. I am not totally sure I care for the changes on Gabriel’s face either but at least he/she still looks somewhat like the same baby. Gabriel has been a good seller for me so I hope the new one is too.

Which kits did they change- I know Scarlet, Lulu , Gena and Gabriel- any other ones?

I think Cozy was changed too?

I think I like the old Cozy, but I like the new Gabriel better.

Wish they had NOT changed Cozy…I don’t care for new feet at ALL. WAY too wrinkled.

All of the new feet are really really wrinkly!
I loved the old Gena…she is one of my favorite kits, but I’m okay with the new one too. The head is taller and
more new looking. I will miss those round cheeks though.

Gabriel looks okay too I guess. The eyes aren’t quite so deep and squinty. I think all in all the changes are more
acceptable than Scarlet.

I think I might like the new Scarlet better except they made the eyes look smaller. I am not sure about her. I need to see it reborn. I never was gung ho on the original one though. Same with Cozy. When I heard some say the Cozy kit was lacking in detail I lost interest and never got that one either. Maybe I will try them both if they go on sale.

I didnt even know they changed! I saw this post, then I looked them up. I like the new limbs on Cozy but they SHOULD NOT In my opinion have changed the face. but who knows maybe it looks better once its painted? i just thought Cozy was the cutest before

I love the old Cozy, and never thought she lacked detail, but I haven’t seen the new one. I also loved Gena and Gabriel, and saw nothing really “wrong” with the older versions. I wonder what prompted all the changes?

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Just looking at the photos of these kits I am undecided; I think that the wrinkles are more realistic in not being so sharp and straight, but I think there is too many and too deep. I mean, yes newborn baby is very squashed and wrinkled but not for long. This is my granddaughter’s foot; she was a day off 3 weeks old when I took this picture.

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THAT’S IT!!! The kind of baby foot I LOVE!!! I agree – the wrinkles in the new sculpts are way too deep and yes, there are too many. Thank you for showing us this darling picture.

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Where did you see the new changed kits??

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Look under Gallery and find the sculpt. Then click it to further see the details in pictures and descriptions. They show the old sculpt and the new and improved one,