Newborn Joseph's hair and another question


Finally… after 3 weeks of rooting on and off Newborn Joseph’s hair is done!! He is my fifth head to root and my first monorooted. One hair at a time takes forever ladies! I don’t know how some of you do this rooting thing so quick and often. I don’t want to pick up a rooting needle for at least another year lol. Anyway, how do you seal hair without pulling it out? Last time I rooted hair I went to seal it with Crafters Ultimate Glue and a sponge brush, but the hair started to pull out into the inside of the head when I brushed the glue over it (I hope this makes sense?). I’m scared of ruining his hair after it took me so long to finish it. Any tips?


It’s beautifully done. Did you glue it from the inside first to keep it from pulling out?


I use liquitex matte gel. Nice hair!




That’s my issue. I probably didn’t word it right, but it’s pulling out when I’m trying to glue it. It doesn’t pull out brushing it unsealed, but does when I try to paint the glue over it.


That hair is gorgeous! Use a glue that’s runny and not thick and smooth it around inside the head very gently. Maybe the adhesive you’ve been using has been thick and grabbing the hair?


I tried gluing as I go with each little section that I root, like Jacqueline Kramer videos and it worked very well. Before that I poured a little spot of glue inside the head and worked it around very smoothly with a cosmetic sponge held on the end of my scissors. A little of the hair did pull out that way.


The 1st coat of glue I use I thin it down with water and bounce it around on the inside. It secures the hair just enough so when you do the thick coat of glue it will not pull out the hair. Let the 1st coat dry before applying the 2nd.


Thank you! That’s a good point the hair I use it very thick. I’ll try a thinner one!


That’s a great idea! I’ll try that with Joseph


Hmm that’s a good idea. I’ve never glued as I root before. Will have to try that!


I had never done it before either and thought the glue would be a problem when starting the next section. It rooted fine and I went over it all again after I finished like the other ladies said


Use a lot of glue.


I use a soft 3/4” brush not a sponge maybe that would help?


I love your rooting and your picture!


I think a brush works better than a sponge brush or a cosmetic wedge held by hemostats. The sponge type things seems to pull out more hair as you’re trying to glue. I hate this part, did I mention that?!! LOL

I use the liquitex matte gel also.


I use Aleene’s OK to Wash It for sealing hair. It’s waterproof, flexible, dries clear and spreads easily. I apply it with a fan brush. Perhaps your glue is a little too thick for this purpose.


I used to feel the same way, but with time and practice it gets better I promise. I use a heat lamp inside the head and that has made all the difference for me. I have rooted 3 heads now without breaking a 42G needle. The vinyl gets so soft with the heat it makes it so easy. And BTW I use decoupage glue inside the head to seal the hair and I don’t brush it at all. I pour it in and roll it around until it coats the whole area. It has to dry for two days, but it really works for me.


I use a heat lamp too and boy does it make a difference! I’ll have to try rolling the glue around, that sounds like a great idea.


Thank you so much ladies! You are always all so helpful and encouraging. I am going to get some thinner glue for Joseph, I bet it was that they glue I used was too thick.