Newborn Eliza

Here is Melissa’s Newborn Eliza on eBay. I think she did an amazing job on this sculpt. … 27cab5f83a

Yes- very realistic!!

I agree, she even used real hair. Beautiful job on this baby.

Love her version!

She did an amazing job she is so beautiful. I love how you tell where the painted hair ends and the rooting begins. She’s awesome

I was actually surprised when I saw it because the kit has been out for a long time. Newborn Eliza is a difficult sculpt to reborn. I am sure it will be on BBs page shortly.

Melissa George is just amazing… This baby is testimony to that fact…

That is the best Eliza I have seen. I actually like her lips and am almost convinced to give her a try. Thanks for sharing the link Kim!

She did a fantasitc job. She does look very real.

— Begin quote from “GingerbreadBabies”

Great job!!! I did newborn Eliza also but mine didn’t turn out that great. It was the most difficult kit I have ever done. Yours looks amazing…I just LOVE it!

— End quote

THIS one is actually the work of Melissa George. Kim just posted the link and you are right - she is “amazing”!!