Newbie with a question

Hi there

I’m getting ready to work on a toddler. I don’t have a specific kit. Just a beautful doll by Little Dreams that i picked up at walmart. I’ll be turning her into a toddler…
My question is, all I’ve seen on painting tutorials has been on newborns/babies. For the blotchy look. But how do you get the skin tone/look for a toddler? It’s much smoother and lighter from what I"ve seen. Do you still use a cosmetic wedge to blotch on the flesh color (I have genesis pre-mixed paint set with flesh 08) or do you actually paint with the paintbrush to get it smooth?

I could use a lot of help! xD

Thanks in advance!

I would still use the cosmetic sponge to put the flesh on and I would still mottle, but I would mix my mottling color so light that it was barely visible and go lighter on the blushing. Good luck, can’t wait to see her finished!

Thank you very much! I will try that.
After you sponge the flesh on… do you go over it with a brush to smooth it out. Or do you leave it as is?


I started painting my first baby today. She is a Little Dreams baby doll that I bought from walmart. Actually, one of the best babies I’ve seen in a regular store. I wanted her to be more than a “practice” doll so I’m trying to give her my best. But so far… I’ve added 2 layers of flesh color (I’m using genesis pre-mixed paints), 1 layer of flesh color with a bit of the nail color mixed in (to make her lighter), 1 layer of warm and now I think I’ll need to add another layer of flesh/nail color mix. :confused: I dunno… I really can’t tell where I need to be on color. I’m just now starting to see a difference from when I started… but I don’t know where to go from here. Since I’m doing a toddler/older baby, there’s not exactly a good solid tutorial for me to follow.
Maybe I’ll post some pictures tomorrow so you all can see.