Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion


My heart sunk at first, thinking that us newbies would no longer be able to have our box. I mean, we are attempting to prove that we are trusted members of the forum… But I quickly came to my senses and remembered what a great little community this is :slight_smile: We will get the box refilled and keep it moving!
It is frustrating I am sure to have to wait that much longer for the box to make its rounds, but I can assure you that it will be worth the wait :wink:


I know for the last box I got the box on Sat and within hours had to rush my husband to the hospital. He gets Pancreatitis really bad and the year before was on deaths door with it so I was freaking out. Sorry the box just went right out of my mind at that time. Life happens. I am hopeing that it not so serious but I hope there is a good reason. There will be a newbie box , THE BOX will go on lol. Everyone can learn from this. We can all see how excited everyone is and how important it is to get the box out in a timely manner but here again life happens. Hugs everyone!


I may be going to GA in the next month if she lives around Macon Warner Robins area send me her address I’ll do a drive by lol. Thank you Ashley


A wellness check might be a good idea I had that thought when I posted earlier lol perhaps someone who lived in the area or near by could check in and see if she was alright .
Perhaps there are people on this site that live close you never know


I agree with a wellness check. She was way to involved with discussions ect. to be out to scam anyone. Hope all is ok :disappointed_relieved:


My thoughts to she let us know she got the box then nothing. She may be in the hospital or something. I hope nothing to bad. What’s in the box is just things we can live without. Our friends are priceless!


I just got some new info (not from Sophia) that might provide somewhat of an explanation. Once I check it out thoroughly, I’ll share what I know.

I have two very generous ladies who are sending me things to rebuild the box. Several have offered to help via Paypal. If you would like to contribute by Paypal, my email is I will be providing screenshots and receipts showing where the money went and will use those funds to fill in anything that the box is lacking.

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity and for staying positive! :slight_smile:




PMing you


I keep checking back to this post hoping there will be a good update about Sophia. I sure hope this issue resolves itself and that she’s okay. :grimacing:


An update on the situation with Sophiasdolls:

I was sent a message by another member confirming that the address that Sophia provided, that I shipped the box to, was the same address that users countrycradlereborns and agiftfromabove used. There was a crazy drama scam story back in the spring where countrycradle claimed that agiftfromabove scammed her, and then they turned out to be the same person and both user IDs were abandoned. So it appears that she is back again using the ID Sophiasdolls.

I don’t expect the box to turn up. I hope that all is well with her, and if I’m wrong and she decides to do the right thing, that would be an unexpected happy ending to this very odd story, but I’m not going to sit around waiting for it to happen. I am in the process of building a new box with the generous donations of the ladies here and I will get it out as quickly as possible so that there are no further delays.

Thank you all for your incredible patience and if you’d like to delve further into this rabbit hole, just search for countrycradlecreations and agiftfromabove. I’ve had enough drama for one day, I’m focusing on moving forward and not giving any more attention to someone who seems to desperately crave it.


Oh nooo!!! What a plot twist. That person needs some serious mental help! So sad :frowning:


CAN NOT believe this… Keeping my opinions to myself :wink: But will be contributing to get this new box going!!


Oh wow, that’s crazy! Sorry you have to deal with all this:(

Thanks to you and everyone else for building the new box!


I believe it all too well what a sick person she really needs help and I do not think a reborn or supplies is the help she needs .


The NERVE! It just baffles me how a person can be so unkind and selfish. That is all I will say, because I like to keep things in this forum peaceful!
But, I will say that this should make us stronger as a group, coming together to ensure this box is replaced and to help each other out! I am excited to start over, and cannot wait to fill it with treasures.


At least it seems to stay the same one or two crazy people… and It’s not new crazy people starting to overrun the forum :joy:


Well that is very true!


But that means there is a stalker among us who can tell when she might come back and will she still be she or a he next time ?
Wow! she feeds on drama how sad


Sad… But true.