Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion


You read my mind…


I second that.


@Theara, @hyelah1990, @britt40478, and @Phassell, @missannie2, @Sophiasdolls, @Babies, @Tungaro, @Katinafleming - Hi ladies, in light of the current situation, could you please each message me your email address and phone number? They will be used as a last resort to contact you if you don’t respond here. Thank you all.


Not to be a downer but is anyone else sad about the situation?


Yes indeed and I’m not in your group This is a fun thing for everyone.


Thiss is sad for everyone in this group. I just hope all is well with her and she responds. It looks as though the last time she visited here was Friday.


I am trying very hard to remain hopeful. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, especially if something bad happened. It is very worrying though.


Hugs Ashley there is nothing you can do. Let me know if your going to get another box out for this group. I’ll help. Did she maybe live in CA.


You are so generous, and thank you. I have very little left to start a new box. I divided the treasures that you sent between this box and the other one.


Definitely… I sure hope everything works out.


I thought Georgia was the first stop, I could be wrong though.


Yes, GA was the first stop.


I’m trying not to jump to conclusions too. I worried about not liking anything, or someone stuffing it full of dull things. Not this. Hopefully it was an emergency and she’s OK now.


I hope things turn up! I was looking forward to participating in the next round


I wish I lived in Georgia, I would be knocking on her door. Very rude.


Perhaps she is ill or in the hospital or the power has went out in the heat and no internet or phone service is available .
Or perhaps she is being rude as you say according to the forum it has been three days since last here and logged in so give her a few more?
Of course I don’t have a horse in the race and I feel bad for the others involved but if on the outside chance she cant help it I would hate to jump on her.


I agree 100%. I’m hopeful. Most of all I hope that everything is okay that that nothing terrible happened.


I am sorry this is happening. Praying that everything turns out ok for everyone!


As bad as this sounds, I hope there is a reason (other than keeping the entire box) that she hasn’t responded. I would think that unless it is a dire situation, one would at least check in and let us know what is going on. I know I would be so worried that everyone would think I “stole” it.
Anyhow, if it turns out that we no longer have a box, I am more than happy to send items to @ashleyfox98 I have so much for sale, and another 2 totes full that hasnt been posted yet (trust me, I have plenty to spare lol). I also have quite a few kits still up for grabs that I would be willing to part with.
I hate to see our newbie box cancelled, and I hate even more that @ashleyfox98 so kindly donates her time/money/items and gets taken advantage of.
Let me know what type(s) of items that usually go in the boxes and I will get a package started.


I am still holding out hope. I am seriously concerned for @Sophiasdolls because I am not ready to accept that she is out of contact for nefarious reasons. Everyone I have talked to so far has shared my opinion, which sadly is shifting from hopeful to extremely disappointed.

I like to trust. I like to believe in the good intentions of people. That’s what the box is all about, paying it forward and giving for the sake of giving and not for what you will get. It’s only because of that generous giving spirit (@babymaw I’m looking at you here!) that I was able to offer a second box for the newbies. And I did that because I absolutely hate excluding people.

Regardless of whether we hear from Sophia again (and I really hope that do!) the box doesn’t end here. Right now I’m operating under the assumption that this is all a big misunderstanding, but just in case, there is a back-up plan in the works. :slight_smile: