Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion


Oh the suspense is killing me… lol! :):relaxed:


@Sophiasdolls, Can you please confirm that you got the box? :slight_smile:


I’m interested! What’s the process? I’m in Michigan


The box travels around to 10 people, and then it comes back to me to be refreshed. It was just delivered to the first participant, so the next sign-up post will probably be in 1/2 to 2 months. I try to tag everyone who has expressed interest in the sign-up post and the first 10 people who respond are in thenext group. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks so I’ll have to wait until round 3?


Not necessarily. Round 1 is underway now and Round 2 sign-ups will be in about 2 months. If you’re one of the first 10 to post in the sign-up discussion, you’ll be in Round 2. :slight_smile:


Ok got it


@Theara, @hyelah1990, @britt40478, @Phassell, @missannie2, @Sophiasdolls, @Babies, @Tungaro, @Katinafleming

Happy Saturday Night Newbie Pants Boxers!

I have a friendly request of all of you. When you get the box, the day that you get the box, please confirm that the box arrived safely. You can do this by posting here in this discussion, or by messaging me privately.

I know that not everyone logs into the forum every day and that everyone has life obligations and unexpected things happen, but please take a moment to check in when the box arrives, just to let me know that it got there safely. :slight_smile:

Thanks ladies!


OK! I’ll let you know when it comes.


I’ll be sure to let you know. I just hope it doesn’t get delivered to me on a Saturday. My rural post office doesn’t sort packages on Saturdays. So they show as delivered but the office is locked until Monday morning. :weary:


It’s all about communication! Just you telling me that is enough to set my mind at ease and if it shows delivered on a Saturday, then I know you’ll get it the following Monday.

Last round with the other box, I had 2 people lose family members. It was so sad and of course there were a few understandable delays because sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned, but everyone is very understanding as long as they are kept in the loop. :slight_smile:


Where is the box now I haven’t seen pictures


@ashleyfox98 am I in this round or the next?


The tracking info says that it was delivered to @Sophiasdolls on Friday morning. I’ve sent PMs and tagged here here a few times, but I’m still waiting for a response.


I’ll check my spreadsheet when I get home. :slight_smile:


I want to see pictures! The suspense is killing me. Maybe she’ll post on Monday. Any pics of last year? I’m trying to decide what to buy to add to the box.


I hope so. :slight_smile:


Does anyone know an alternate way to get in touch with @Sophiasdolls? Email address or phone number? I heard from her last on Thursday and I haven’t gotten any responses to multiple tags and messages. I hope that everything is okay.


For future groups it may not be a bad idea to get phone numbers and email addresses. Even a refundable PayPal deposit that gets refunded after its confirmed that the participant received then mailed the box. It’s scary to think that someone could get the box and keep it. I know you have our addresses. But even that isn’t secure. You only have my post office box, not my physical address. And I bet it would be a pain to try to get the police involved. I don’t know what the safest plan is. Hopefully nothing bad will ever happen to any of the boxes.


@Sophiasdolls we are all patiently waiting to see what you have chosen from the box. Please respond to @ashleyfox98 so she knows it arrived safe and sound. I’m sure she is on pins and needles and a nervous wreck. :wink: I hope is all is well with you and everything is okay!