Newbie...just to say hello!

Hello everyone! I’m a reborning newbie and just wanted to say hello to the forum. I received my first dolls and supplies yesterday and dove right in. I must say that I am already addicted and proud of my results so far. I hope to learn a lot from you all and am excited that I was guided to this creative art. Accepting any and all advice you can give me!



Hi Gwen, welcome to the forum. You will find that everyone is very helpful to us newbies. You will have to post some pictures of your work for us to see. Diane

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Thank you otterbaby2! I just finished painting my first one last night and can’t wait to get home to work on her some more today. I just bought the table top convection oven from Home Depot for $33.00 after reading a post here, so I will post a review of it once I use it on my next doll. Which I expect to start tonight. LOL

WOW, for a newbie you are quick! Welcome to BB Forum, everyone here is so very helpful and we as newbie’s need lots of help. Ask away, someone always is there with a quick reply. Glad you could join us.

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Be sure you use an oven thermometer to test the temperature on the eWave before you use it for a kit. REMEMBER- the kit does not have to be at 265 degrees for 8 minutes. It just has to REACH 265 degrees for a couple of minutes.

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Thank you @pia, I’ll stop and get one before I head home tonight!!!

Welcome, Gwen! I’m currently working on twins, my 4th and 5th dolls, so I’m still new, too. You’ll love this forum and group of Reborners! The search button will become your friend. :blush:

Welcome Gwen!!! Your gonna love the forum. So many nice ladies on here and they are here to help ya if you have questions. There is no question that is silly so don’t ever be afraid to ask. I have gotten so many great tips and learned so much just from the conversations. LOL!!! Addiction is right!! :smiley:


I am also a newbie and hope to get going on this soon. I have the parts but kind of afraid to mess up. Welcome Gwen!!

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Welcome to the forum Carol!!! :slight_smile:

Hello I was wondering if that Ewave comes with a extender ring I have a convection Oven now an all of a sudden it just stopped working an I looked at the Ewave discription it say extender ring an size but not sure if I will have to buy one seperate I tried the nuwave at that workshop I went too an it was awesome but i had the convection oven so I never looked to them but now it’s broke. :frowning: an 33.00 is a pretty good price an I hope posting this in the right place if not sorry ladies lol

the ewave oven i have is called the rapid wave oven and it has an extender ring

Yes is does have an extender ring. I posted a picture of it in another thread but I am not sure where! Her is the other thread about the oven with a photo of it taken at Home Depot.

Thank you :blush::blush::smile:

Welcome to the forum!

I bought 2 of them. One for a Christmas present and one for me. They only had 5 left at the home depot by my house. I’m glad I got it. Just missed them on sale for 28.00 but 33.00 is still great and I got free shipping. Bonus! :slight_smile: