Newbie asking for top tips for beginners


Did you trim some of the hair off of your brush? Most of our members either trim their brushes till only a few hair remain OR they use Prisma Pencils for the eyebrows. If you use Prisma pencils they must be kept very sharp and you need to have a sealer under them as they don’t mark too well on the plain vinyl. Hope this helps.


@lynn is correct, cut the bristles off, leaving only a few for those fine lines.


I need to buy a more stiff brush and trimI tried with one i had but wasnt stiff enough.
Prisma worked great but once i wiped off mistakes once …would not write any more or very sporadicly.I did baked a finish on…i cleaned with alcohol still wouldnt work .Once it has a finish and is pristine it works if i only could do each hair once id be fine!! im not that good once i clean it off.nothing


I googled
Baby Powder Fragrance Oil
and found a company I think is US based that sells it. It’s called Nature’s Garden …Wholesale candle and soap supplies. (They state that…This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is reminiscent of Johnson’s Baby powder scent. )

Have a look and read the reviews to see if that’s what you are looking for.


Thank you!!


Most use wonder wafers. Stay away from the oils. They break down the poly fill and leach into the vinyl


Don’t use these. The oils break down the poly fill and leach into the vinyl. You’ll have a melted gooey mess inside


Ahh thanks for the heads up. Won’t be buying those, at least for the dolls. Lol


Really? Oh boy- my artist said I could put it on her body- the cloth. She also said behind her knees! I wasn’t comfortable with that. But I did scent her diaper and her cloth close to where the head attaches. She mentioned a cotton ball scented with the oil tucked inside her body. I hope she doesn’t deteriorate! I love her to death! I just for some reason dislike the wafer smell. Maybe I got a bad batch but they smelled like air fresheners with overpowered powder scent- i got them off eBay. Maybe I will find something other than the wafers and oil I will like. Or just spritz her clothing with Dreft ? Ok thanks for the info- good to know!


For scenting your baby you can try Love’s Baby Soft perfume. I use it for myself and my dolls. It’s fairly inexpensive as well.

For eyebrow painting I thought I would try Mayfly tails .

This is 1 tail on a toothpick and a few lines on a paper towel. Since the paper towel is rough it doesn’t do a full line but you can see how it works. it might be an option and you can adjust how many tails you use.


Wow that’s creative! I’d if never thought of that😋


Biggest hint from me is to learn to forgive yourself. You will make mistakes, you will get addicted…just remember all of us have been there too. And some of us still are making mistakes! And spending lots of dolly dollars. If you start out realizing that you won’t be perfect all the time, you can relax and have fun. Plus you get to play with us!

Other big advice is to use those coupons at Michaels and get paintbrushes! Go to thrift stores for paint plates. And then go to the thrift store for a big cabinet to put everything in. And a second cabinet for the baby clothes…and a changing table… And baby clothes…did I mention the addictive part. You know you are one of us when you think about baby stuff in every store. Last thing is to buy seconds kits to practice on. You can always sell them or give them away.


I’m always thinking of different things to try or trying to find things to help with tasks that I find difficult.


Thanks again for all the wonderful advice :yum: I also would like to say I feel a kinship here with all of you already. I live way out in the country and having been Home raising children-(I’m still raising them :yum:) I don’t have many close friends and my family all live in different states. So it’s very nice to feel I can come here and chat with "friends " :heart_eyes: Everyone has been so kind and very helpful! I’m so glad I have this forum to come to to learn and ask questions! You all have been way more helpful than videos and DVDs. They are nice but you all talk about specifics. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! :revolving_hearts:


When I read your post a couple of weeks ago I wanted to print the instruction out but I haven’t been able to get my printer working since I got my new computer and Windows 10 back in June. Yesterday I pulled all the instructions on my printer and worked for almost 2 hours trying different ways to get it to print. My determination worked and I finally have a working printer…I have to admit I amazed myself for being able to get it up and running!! The first thing that I printed!..your awesome instructions!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share them here on the forum. :heart_eyes:


JackiJo- I was going to print everything in this post but it was too many pages. So I copied and pasted on to a document. I agree- wonderful advive so many gave


Hi, I’m a newbie too. Just finished my first doll.
Have you finished your first yet?


I like to paint my babies even when we go camping to I built this drying wrack so I use the least amount of space at the camper table


Did you try B.B. wafers?