New yaries are ready to pre-order

I’ve never seen PayPal preorder on her site, but it is there. I don’t want those small babies, but if you do this is the TIME to buy.

what is her web-site?

I’d like one of her kits one day but I dont want a preemie size.

Good heavens what is going on with Tamie? She has upped her prices and her edition as well. I was going to order her little Jack and he is $129.99 for a 12" kit. I don’t think so. That size would not sell high enough to justify paying that much. Plus Taylor is $89.99 and now it is a 750 edition. Oh I hope Tamie don’t start being like a lot of the artist’s and letting greed set in. How sad.

Very frustrating for us reborners because the bigger the edition the more dolls out there done up and it just seems harder to get a better price for them even done up nice. Why do they do this? What really sucks is all she has in most of the kits is the sculpting of the new head. She way over uses her limbs on too many babies. I have had customers tell me they like the head but don’t like having the same limbs over and over again especially if they like the Yarie babies and try to get one of each.

I heard it really really saves them a lot of money doing this because they only have to pay to have the head mold made new. We the buyer don’t see any of the benefits though. Price is always the same. Right now there are a lot of super good sculptors out there so maybe time for me to check some of them out more if the prices keep going up and the editions as well.

I wonder how hard it is to match the vinyls?

I am totally in love with Tamie’s babies…I adore the 10" Qwin, I will have to order at least 3 of those, But I love the tiny babies, that is one of the reasons Tamie is my favorite sculptors…The reason welcome back Taylor is a larger edition is Tamie ask on facebook if we would perfer her to do an open edition every now and then because her babies are in such high demand and the artist that do alot of customs get alot of requests for Tamies and there is never enough…so we ask her to please make an open edition so she made Taylor a larger edition…I was really hoping Qwin would be a open edition…

I really love the tinier sculpts myself as well. But if you are making them to sell, then you wouldn’t be able to get much over what you have in them. The most I think I have ever seen a 10 or 12 inch sell for was Heavens Garden and that was like around $250.00. So when you figure everything in plus ebay and paypal fees. It leaves very little left. This time sadly I just can not justify buying Jack or Quinn. Usually most sculptors sell the tinier ones like Quinn for around $50.00 or under.