New wigs


Have any of you checked out the new wigs!? They have some funny looking ones for Mr and Mrs Claus. They will work well I think…just really funny to see them on the BB website.


well i did just now, i don’t usually look at wigs, and wow!
you’re right i think it does look a little out of place!
but it made me think, i can’t imagine the kits and wigs would sell to well, being they are seasonal and all, and well, babies are cute, santa ehh, not so much shurgs


The wigs have been up on the site for at least a couple of months now. Although the Santa one is new within the last week. And boy waht a price!!! 40 dollars for a wig for a Funny looking Santa? I don’t think so! LOL
And the one that looks like Marie Antoinette is really laughable.
Oh well…I imagine they will all be on sale really cheap in the future…maybe I will put a green wig on somebody! Now that would be a OOAK!!!