New website doesn't work on my phone


Just like my title says, the new website doesn’t work on my phone (and I don’t have a computer.) Anyone else have this issue? Kinda looks like I can’t buy from bb anymore and that makes me upset. Shoulda went on a shopping spree while I had the chance.


What type of phone do you have?


Samsung galaxy core prime. I’m betting its just my phone. It needs replaced and if I would stop buying art supplies (I just dropped $50 on some today…ooops…) I could get the s9. I’m going to check if another browser works, but my main internet app doesn’t seem to like the new webpage. Says it’s not available.


I used my cheap samsung galaxy 3 and it first said unavailable then I reloaded it and pressed home. It works well now and actually looks better on my phone than on my desktop lol


This just in!!! Other web browsers work, just not my primary one. I’ve had issues with the primary one since November-ish, so I don’t see why I am surprized…


The website runs very smoothly on my phone.
Have you tried clearing your cookies? That may help.


I was going to say try another web browser