New way to present your reborn

I was cruising ebay reborns, and came across this really nice reborn with a very quirky way of presentation. I’m not sure what I think of it just yet, but it certainly is innovative. I wonder how she did that?

Ooops. I guess that link didn’t work. Sorry.

Do you like lower lashes on the babies?

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Only if they are believable.

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I’m not personally a fan of lower lashes, but if I were to use them, I would probably be very subtle. It is just my preference though. I did use barely there lower lashes on a kit that had a slight difference in eye size to minimize the difference.

Are you talking about the gallery pic of the tummy/foot? I just did a google image search for ‘picture of baby foot in belly’ and there are several including that one.

Anything that gets someone to open your auction is a ‘good thing’ as long as it’s not in poor taste.

Yes, I think it is a very innovative, and certainly effective presentation. What I mean, is how did they get a picture like that. Is that a watermark or what. It would be a really cute birth announcement or baby card picture.

I am creepy as heck and that creeps me out!

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Here is the photo causing all the buzz.
I have to say it is not my cup of tea. Not because the photo bothers me but because it has nothing to do with the item actually for sale. Just hype. I suppose it could cause some to stop and look though.

I guess some people will click on the link just out of curiosity but others will not waste their time looking deeper. Yeah, we all want our babies to look like they actually came from a womb but that takes it into the “those people are crazy” group that makes other people scared of our mental well-being. I can just see my psychiatrist’s face if I started doing a post like that!

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I’m glad it is photo shopped. It would be really weird to see a real footprint on a real tummy. Thanks for clearing up my curiosity.

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