New to this forum

Hi,My name is Rhonda ,I live in Australia,i live in a small country town,so i have had to try and teach myself reborning,without this forum i think it would have been so much harder,i have been reading the forum every day for a few months, My first reborn was Sam,my second is Tayla ,Teagan and Taite.I love it even though i am not very good.I will post pictures in the next day or two.
I have been lucky enough to meet some lovely ladies from this forum already.I have bought kits ,mohair etc from them.

Welcome to reborning!!! My sister (Robin) and I are also new to reborning. We finished painting babies #5 & 6 today. We still need to root their hair. I can’t wait to see pictures of your babies!!!

BYLO2 Thank you for your warm welcome,please don’t expect to much from my reborns,I love them but i can see their faults especially Sam my first.

Welcome to BB. I’m glad you love your first few babies. Its ok for babies, especially the first few, to have faults. Its these faults that make us want to do better. They make us try different things to see if we can get them better. Mine and my twin sister’s (BLYO2) first ones didnt turn out the best either (you can see them in my siggy with our neices, Mackenzie and Kiley). But they are WELL LOVED by 2 of our other sisters and our 2 neices. The 2 we are working on now are better than our first 4 were. With practice, patience, and trial and error, the next one will usually turn out better than the previous one. Keep at it!!! If you need help, there are PLENTY of wonderful women who are willing and waiting to help you out weither its advice or support. Sending you a BIG HUGGGGGGGG!!!

Hi Rhonda! Glad you are here and trying your hand at reborning. It’s addictive, isn’t it? Please post pics when you can. Everyone here has been so nice and helpful. It’s a nice place.

I appreciate your comments, I will post pictures when i can find out how to do it.I am not very experienced on the computer.Maybe some body can tell me how to do it.I checked some posts but couldn’t find out how.

Welcome to BB! You will love it here!
Here’s a tutorial for how to post pics.

welcome Rhonda, you will love it here.

my first reborn Sam above,struggling to work out to put photos on ,cant reduce the size.Help i want to put two more Sam on and my 2nd reborn triplets. for the forums appraisal.

I want the size of Sharons Paisley , the one above my Sam

Hi Rhonda,

I’m working on my 4th reborn at the moment… I love the painting but hate the rooting. I end up with babies waiting patiently for hair…

Welcome to the forum, its addictive… Hope you have lots of fun and we look forward to seeing pictures of your ‘babies’

Thank you for the welcome,I noticed you are a fellow Aussie.I live on the north coast of N.S.W,where its flooding at the moment.The 6th flood so far this year.I do love trying to learn reborning,I am teaching my self to do it off this forum,no classes around here,in the country .Your siggy baby looks very good for only your 4th.

Hi Rhonda. So glad you could join us. This is such a fun (but expensive) hobby. My siggy baby is my 5th reborn. I love doing this. My biggest downfall so far is the rooting. Some of these ladies do wonderful rooting and I want to improve mine. Welcome aboard!

Welcome! It is good to have you here1 I know you will find everyone on here very friendly and ready to help any way they can. This forum was a god-send to me when I first started, too.

Hi Rhonda,
Welcome to BB. I know what you mean about having to teach yourself.
This forum has really helped me to learn so much more than own my own. You will get all the help you need here. All the Ladies are wonderful.

p.s. My sister’s name is Rhonda also.

Hi Rhonda,

I live on Macleay Island in Queensland. Beautiful place right on the water overlooking Stradbroke Island. It is so windy here today though. Not much rain…you must have it all!!

My siggy baby is actually my first reborn. I can’t seem to get my others as nice as her so I’ve kept her as a siggy. Plus like I said before my babies are all waiting for a ‘hair job’…

Its great to hear from a fellow aussie…

Yes,yes! Welcome! This forum is everything people have already said. I’m just a beginner myself, but I feel that much of the information that I have found here over the past four months has helped me to ‘ease’ into reborning. Otherwise, I’d be scratching my head right now and wondering which paints to use and where. LOL.

Hi Rhonda, Welcome to Bb forum, this is a great place to come and talk and learn. The women here are great.

  Hugs Tina

Thank you for you your warm welcome,i feel very welcomed by all the ladies who have responded,Without this forum,i wouldnt have known how to learn to reborn.So a big warm Thank you to you all.Much appreciated.I do not intend to sell any ,just for my own enjoyment,if i get good enough i will give some to my local nursing home for the elderly ladies .