New to the Crew and have Q's

I am new to reborning. I have started over a week ago watching and reading everything I can find in regards to painting these babies. I love art in nearly any form. I have children of my own and am very artistic even with paint so I feel like it will be easy for me to achive life in a baby doll , but I am not sure! I am nervous about starting a baby. Baby kits are expensive and so are paint supplies, if I mess one up I waste the other and I am scared of both lol. My main concern is what order the layering is for air dry paints and which ones to mix and how much and which needles I need for rooting mohair. I want it to be a very natural realistic look. I will accept any adivise as this new thread is also under the advise of someone else :slight_smile:


Hi, welcome to the reborn community. Unfortunately i cant help you because I use Genises Heat Set paints. But there are many great artists in this forum that can help.

Thank you so much! I wanted to purchase those but my theory was to mess up less expensive paints first HA!

I’d suggest to look at tutorials first. There’s a lot of them on YouTube. Most are for Genesis, but you can still learn a lot as colors and the order of the layers is pretty much the same.
I’d also advise to get a test limb. When you think you got it all down, fully reborn that one first. You’ll learn a lot and mistakes don’t matter as much because you don’t ruin an entire doll.

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SO SO TRUE!n Thanks

I did what @deedee2413 said, tutorials and do a text limb first

Ive watched a lot of videos. Ive read a lot from cusom doll and watched all of her tutorials too.

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I use air dry, waterborne art and magic which were made for reborning. You can get a try me set for $18.99 with 9 colors and 3 mediums plus mottling sponge, 2 normal sponges and pamphlet on how to use them. If your going with air dry, this would be my recommendation. Not expensive and lasts a while. Plus all their other colors can be bought for as little as .99 a bottle.
Don’t be nervous, first babies are special in their own way no matter how good or bad, because you did it! It’s nice to have them to look back on and see how far you’ve came. Also remember any messes can be fixed or stripped! Just have fun with it. My paint consistency is that of like skim milk, not really really watery, but enough to where when I tilt my paint pallets up, the color runs to the bottom and the other side is clear


Told ya more people would see you in a nice new thread of your own!

I started with a super-cheap baby doll from Ross, just to get a feel for using the tools. You can also keep an eye on the Bountiful Baby home page. If you scroll down they have several Deep Discount kits listed every day. I picked up some of those so that I wouldn’t feel as bad if they didn’t come out perfectly. They sometimes also have defective parts that they sell as Technique Test Parts.

What helped me the most was to sit down and start painting. Three layers into my first baby I realized that my idea of thin paint wasn’t even close. :laughing: I painted three babies before finally finishing one, but learned a lot in the process.

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I got my kit today and I am SO excited. Its brittany sleeping! I am going to find an old doll of my kiddos or something to practice on. Trust me I will NOT be starting with this doll kit :slight_smile: I am so nervous though but so excited Ive even bought her first outfit, but now that the limbs are here I’m thinking that the outfit may be a tad too small lol. I bought newborn but may need 0-3. I appreciate all of the help from this forum and its so nice to talk to others who share the same excitement as me!


The shopping is the best part, lol! I have a ridiculous number of tiny clothes now. It’s so fun!

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I started with waterborne paints that are fantastic, but I quickly switched to Genesis and use a nuwave oven to bake outside only (thankful for a covered porch in this cold!!). Search up YouTube videos and I think miracle babies nursery (I think that’s the channel name) does some air-dry tutorials using luminair paints and I assume it would be similar steps. As for cheap kits I always went to BB and clicked regular kits and bought the cheapest one no matter what it was. If it was a monkey I didn’t care I just wanted to practice! I tried to reborn a few babies from Walmart and the vinyl was so different my air paints wouldn’t stick. I could’ve been doing something won’t though. Major tip I learned: gather everything you need on a list and check it again before you order on any site. I don’t know how many times I’ve made my order and paid shipping only to have to order again because I forgot something :unamused:
I’m sure you’ll do great!


Welcome to the forum and to reborn addiction!
Brittany was my favorite kit (or at least IMO my most realistic baby) and she got the most likes on Reborns. com, but for whatever reason it took 6 mo to find her mommy. I still miss her! Her size is 0-3 mo.
I would recommend to stop being worried and have fun. I don’t know why people have such high expectation that they first baby should be perfect. It will be special and far away from perfect, but it will be your FIRST - and just that make it perfect to YOU! If you are not happy with results - strip it and do it again. I can’t help you with an air dry, but we have a few new people who just recently joined the forum and ask same questions. Use the spyglass search - this is your best friend. And have fun!


Welcome to the awesome firum. If I could do it first time you can do it too. My first was Shyann. I got her AA tone right but made a boo boo with her veins :see_no_evil: and her eyebrows. I actually painted he simultaneously with Jake. His AA tone is also perfect but his hair was not good as I was just rooting without mapping. His eyebrows are too think my mom calls him an old man. But the great thing is when you are done and the doll is all dressed up. It’s a fulfilling accomplishment . I used primary colours method for both dolls.

I’m busy with my third kit which I wish was a newborn or 0-3 months doll.

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Welcome to the forum. I am new to this too. You will get excellent feedback on the forum.

Do you know which air dry paints you want to try? I, personally, wouldn’t recommend Luminaire paints. Some people do, but I used them on a toddler. I followed the instructions to the letter, let it cure for 3 weeks before I started rooting. As I was rooting, a lot of paint started coming off her face. I could not get the company to respond to any of my e-mails. I had to strip the entire doll and start over with different paints. I was not a happy camper and threw those paints out. I’m currently using Liquitex Professional Soft Body and Hard Body paints. I really like the results I get and I like that I can just go to Michael’s and buy them. I prefer air dry paints because I can finish a baby much faster than having to paint, flash, bake, and cool each part before I can start the next layer. I start with the head, and by the time I finish the last limb, the head is ready for the next layer. I don’t want to go outside to bake. It’s cold here in the winter and blazing hot in the summer. I also have concerns about toxicity when baking the vinyl and paints, although many people use heat set paints.
If you buy an inexpensive Bountiful Baby kit to practice on, and you don’t like how it comes out, you can always strip and re-do it.
There is no exact procedure that everybody follows. I do veins first, then mottling, then blush, then flesh. You’ll find what works best for you.

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I recommend Rebornfx. It has step by step paper instructions and online videos to help.

You Tube is a great resource, I have a beginners tutorial, Custom doll baby has a very awesome tutorial series.

I hate to say this because no one wants to hear it but its just practice, you just have to jump in and do a lot of it.

My advice would be to stock up on some ugly sale babies and paint your booty off. Donate, give them away to the kids in your family and paint some more. Little by little you will develop your own style and your own little process.

I use GHSP and can’t imagine changing to anything else. I bake outdoors, I wear gloves.

When you have a baby that you can’t bear to give away and don’t think you can sell because you are so proud of yourself you just keep smiling then you have made your first real reborn doll.

Those first babies will be precious but they won’t be perfect…still it is really fun and exciting and the learning is maybe the best part for me.

Leave rooting for later, just paint and get that perfected, rooting is its own little monster.

Don’t start off with the most expensive stuff it will keep you from playing and having fun.

Much luck!


Exactly! This isn’t a paint by number art, although someone could probably make a boatload of money selling dolls with that sort of numbered grids on where to put what. Lots of people seem to want that.
It’s not really art unless you jump in and do the work. Tutorials are great, and YouTube has some great videos that will give you inspiration, but you need to take what you are given and use what seems like works for you. You’ll make mistakes, but you’ll learn something every time. And you’ll eventually find your path and the way of creating a reborn that you feel is you.