New to reborning


I have purchased babies for my daughters, and I fell in love with everything reborning. I want to start and have ordered most of my supplies, but I need help with the bodies. BB is out of both of the ones I need, so is there anything that would work for Teagan or Chaz? My daughter also wants a breathing mechanism but I cant find one. Thanks in advance!

Hi! get ready – this stuff gets addicting!!!

you are right!! I have always loved them, just never had the time or money. Now I get to be a stay at home mom and can make the time . I have had a bad experience with one reborn that I paid lots of money for, and it came looking like Chucky lol. I asked the lady to fix it and she got offended and never would. I might start with that one if I can get it stripped and unrooted lol. I have been enjoying reading everyones posts they are helpful and encouraging

yes please we want to see Chucky!

Ok, so by the pics “chucky” isnt that bad, her skin tone kind of blends. In person, its chalky white, and reddish brown streaked so it looks dirty, especially around the mouth, it looks like she just ate something lol. I will try to get a pic of that. She also did two things with the body I didnt like, one she put 3/4 arms on a body made for 1/4 so it has monkey arms. She put a pocket on the outside for the beating heart so it sticks out no matter what outfit you put on her. Her hair is rooted upwards so no matter how much water you put on it sticks up. I know she tried, but I paid alot, and asked for a dark brown almost black haired, dark eyed baby. It came with orange hair and blue eyes. She said where she ordered them said they were both labeled dark. I will also send the pic of my daughter that I was hoping to match. I picked the mold. In the pic, her arm is torn, thats because I cut them and had tacked them up, and took the seams out today to see if I can salvage her

a couple more pics

the pics make her look better lol. I am attaching my daughter too, that we were going off of

thanks my first reborn is going to be my newest daughter, I am hoping I picked a good mold and can pull it off!

this is her:

I can see some of the Schenk kits in your newest daughter. Both are beautiful, btw. I think Chucky can and should be redone. It would make a great practice baby for you. It really is awful. Why on earth someone would put 3/4 arms on a 1/4 limb body is something that I cannot even fathom! You are about to begin a great adventure with lots of folks to help you along the way.

yay I cant wait to get my supplies in the mail. For my first daughter, Cherish(the first pic) it was in 2006 that I ordered the “chucky” and I think it was an aubrey kit. For my youngest daughter Rylie Rayne, I have been looking and picked out quite a few that were similar. Most were out of stock everywhere, so I chose between Teagan and Kyle. I finally went with Teagan, so I am hoping it works. If not, I am planning on doing many, many more so I can always get another for her . Any suggestions on molds to match her? Also, are the premixed paint kits worth it, or should I mix my own? I have an art background, so mixing colors and the color wheel are pretty familar for me.

I like the pre-mixed. It gives you a base to work with. You can always change those to your liking. Should you decide to take any classes or purchase ebooks, they often reference pre-mixed colors, so it may be easier to just start with pre-mixed. Some good resources for classes and ebooks is Angels in Waiting Nursery. Very helpful.

that is one of the worst reborns i have ever seen. i am scared. frankly i might be less scared of chucky!

your daughters are beautiful by the way!

yes, I took your advice and went to Michaels and got the stuff to strip her. I tried looking for other paints I could use to start, but they didnt have anything. I asked for help, but the guy had no idea what to sell me lol. I ordered from BB on Thursday so I hope it gets here tommorow so I can start. I am so anxious to get started I already made bottles for my kits even a banana one for Chaz. thank you to everyone for their help so far. I hope I can continue to learn and rely on all of you for help. I found another kit I really want but cant find, so I am going to practice on the ones I ordered and Chucky to see what happens.

Yes, please let us see your progress. Post in the Work in Progress thread. We will be here to help you every step of the journey.

Thats how I felt too lol. I ordered it in 2006, so if her work was that bad then, shes probably not around now. I asked nicely and told her I liked it but its not what I ordered. I ordered a dark haired, dark eyed baby, picked the sculpt myself. It really wasnt a hard request. I paid 365.00 for it. On another note lol, I got my kit in the mail yesterday, and have started. I only have veining, baby skin, and just a little warm blush on it so far, but here she is:

You are off to a great start. Keep up the good work. If it is getting chalky then most likely your paint isn’t thin enough.