New to reborning

Hi everyone! I have completed my first and second reborn babies and totally fell in love with the whole process. However, if anyone has any tips of the trade they would like to pass along I would greatly appreciate it!


You’ll find a wealth of information on this forum. Just start scrolling through it and if you see anything that you want to learn about post a question regarding it.
You’ll probably find yourself on this forum a lot. It’s a great place to share ideas and learn from others.

Thanks! I have already found so many helpful things! Btw… any tips on painting the eyebrows?

Yes, I can help with that one I think. I use a number one liner brush and cut half the bristles. I use a small amount of the same color of the hair and mix a small amount of thinning medium and maybe one or two drops of adorless thinner. You can mix it with either a 1/4 inch mop brush or a mixing stick. If you have an extra test piece around try painting thin little lines on that first. Paint the eyebrows just above or on the brow bone itself. Start right above the corner of the inner eye and make a few strokes upward and angle your brush a little and make little arc strokes. If it doesn’t please you just wipe it off and try again. You can make the first few hairs very light as kind of a pattern and then add additional paint to make then stand out more. If it’s a newborn baby the eyelashes will be very inconspicuous.

I did want to tell you to just have fun with it and don’t let it become work for you, not that reborning these babies ever does, but just enjoy it. Also, warning, it does become addictive but what a fun addiction to have. I love shopping for the baby clothes. I’m kind of new to this forum but it’s great. I’ll be posting my babies and would love you see yours also.

My guest room has become my nursery and I have about 20 kits waiting for me to reborn. It just depends on what I’m in the mood to work on next.
Enjoy this wonderful art. Guarantee it will become part of your life.

Welcome to reborning! You’ll find that we all LOVE pictures of babies, so snap some shots of those babies and share with us.

Me again. If you haven’t gotten any of the instructional dvd’s you may want to add some to your tools. I’ve learned so much from watching the pros at work. I still pull out some that I got when i first started reborning as references. They will really aid you a lot.

Thanks for all of your tips!