New Styles Available of our Premium Gathered Bodies!

Good Evening!

We have added more styles and sizes of our new, premium bodies! This body has an inside cover on the limbs to contain the stuffing, which makes assembly easier. We now have our new body available for babies with 3/4 arms and full legs:

We have also added additional sizes and colors to our full limb premium bodies. You can see all styles of this amazing new body here:*.

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Bountiful Baby



What about new style for 3/4 limbs? Please consider, we all waiting for it!


I recently got a couple of these for full limbs and like them a lot. The fabric even feels a little softer than the older bodies do. It’s a nice change and those plugs will never be able to jump out into the body ever again! LOL


I see a 20 inch one for 3/4 limbs on there


Can someone share how they stuff these style of body? I used one and I stuffed as I would a regular body with polyfil and contained glass beads but found it was difficult to work around that stocking :frowning: Is there a trick I’m missing?

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The ones I have used only had coverings in the limbs. There was no inside stocking thing. I know there was at one time because someone else I know got that kind and ended up cutting the inside stocking thing out. Maybe they decided not to do the inside stocking thing anymore because the more recent ones don’t seem to have that.

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Our new style bodies do not have stockings anymore. The inventory we had left (of the style with stockings) was put on the website as second quality.



Is there,or was there,a video or link with instructions to properly stuff and accommodate that style? I used the older style body,on a kit yesterday( I’m a beginner), and I believe I did something wrong…Thanks in advance!

Just cut the stocking out.


Thank you! I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t there for a particular function,that I may have neglected .

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I just used one too. I tied it in a knot and set it right in the middle. It made the baby less floppy as she is an open eyed baby. I liked it, lol.