NEW! Special of the Day - Each Day At Bountiful Baby!

I am going to start doing a “Special of the Day” item. It might be a kit, or a body, or something else, but it will always be a deeply discounted item.

To start this off, I am making “Realborn Laila Awake” our special of the day. She is available at 65% off, and is prominently featured on our home page:

I am going to try to change the “Special of the Day” every day, but some days I might miss and not change it. Also, if the current “Special of the Day” sells so rapidly that we are going to imminently run out of stock, I might change the special mid-day so that we keep a special in stock.

Also, if you are curious, the current special for liquidation on our sister site is a high-end backpack at 80% off. The previous special was a Deluxe Duffle Bag at 83% off. They are both still available. I am completely liquidating everything on that site.

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby