New selling site coming

I’ll just share Sarah’s post. It explains it all.

Here’s the link. :blush:


I’m so excited! I hope it’s gonna be a success… do you know if there will be any fee to join?


I’m excited too. I don’t know any details. Hopefully it is successful and inexpensive. :blush:


@Marissa I think is opening it. Maybe she will see the tag and hop on here


Looks interesting!

The link didn’t work for me… :frowning:
But I’m excited!

Has anyone signed up?

The sign-up link isn’t working for me either, but I’m really excited about it.

I am praying it goes well! I will sign up when it is up and running. Can’t wait!

I signed up to be notified. It was working this morning. Surely it will start working again. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I just got signed up!

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:sun_with_face::tada::tada:Hey Friends!!, a doll auction site and community created just for us, is soft launching , and we are now OPEN! You can come in, check us out, get signed up, and even list your items for sale & shop! <3 New features will be added soon!! Giveaways to come! If you haven’t already, be sure to like our page and help spread the news! :sun_with_face::tada::tada:
and join our FB group for VIP site info! <3


If you’d like to see what listing a doll looks like, check this out! :sun_with_face:


Just sent a request on the fb page. This is exciting!

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Yay! Happy to have you joining us @Maloree! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Have you had time to look over the website? We’ve got some beautiful babies listed already!

I’ll be joining as soon as I get a baby ready to list. I’m excited about this new site. Thanks so much for starting it @Marissa :heart:

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I love SUPER magnifier feature that allow you to check all the details - no surprises with a doll quality :wink:


I have. I’m also looking at joining for the year, but need to budget it in (I just bought 3 baby kits, and 2 toddlers from Macs :grimacing:). I pretty much have a job to buy kits, LOL. :sweat_smile:

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@YelenaRey, Thanks for noticing! :blush: When I started designing, this was my #1 MUST HAVE. It puts both buyers and sellers at ease, and makes shopping a little more fun!