New Release! Realborn® Priscilla! Get Yours Today!

Guess what?!!

The Realborn® you have all been waiting for, gorgeous Priscilla, is finally here! This precious little girl was welcomed to the world by her adoring big brother Presley, who was a Realborn® as well. Realborn® Presley has been a favorite of everyone’s, and his limited edition kit sold out some time ago. Now is your chance to own his beautiful little sister!

This sweet little girl is about 18 inches long when completed and comes with full vinyl arms and legs. The real baby weighed an adorable 7 lb and 9 oz. Priscilla’s Realborn® has captured her perfection so well! She has the sweetest limbs and most adorable full lips! Here is a link to her item, make her yours! Realborn® Priscilla You can also find her release featured on our homepage:

Have a great day!

Bountiful Baby