New Release! First Ever Realborn® Toddler, Emmy, is Available!


We Have an Exciting Announcement!

Our most anticipated release of the year is here! We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Emmy is now available! She is our first ever Realborn® toddler, and a beautiful one at that! She was captured at the sweet age of 18 months old. She has full vinyl limbs with legs posed in an adorable sitting position. Emmy has the most amazing eyes and such a thoughtful expression. She is sure to capture your heart! You can make her yours here: She is also featured on our home page at

The real Emmy is the very loved granddaughter of Denise and Nevin Pratt. She is also my daughter, and an adoring big sister to her little brother, Realborn® Joseph. I am blown away by how amazing her toddler Realborn® is, the feeling of seeing my little princess captured forever is indescribable! I can’t wait to see all of the versions of her yet to come, I hope she brings everyone as much joy as she brings us!

See more of the adorable real Emmy here:


Jessica (real Emmy’s mama)
Bountiful Baby


I have been waiting for her and glad she is now available !!!


Yay, glad she is finally available!


Now we need to find some money to buy her, lol. Hope they have seconds soon !!!


Hmoney short but will grab her up


Have to wait until next week to buy her. Maybe she won’t sell out by then! :laughing: knowing my luck…


I really love her. Do you know for those of us that use the countertop nuwave oven if this kit will fit…and possibly how many extender rings we may need. Just wondering if any of the prototype artists made mention of this to you since so many of us use them now. The nuwave
fit cuddles Rubert limbs no problem, could you post a comparison photo possibly so we can get an idea of what we may need to improvise with. Thanks


Oh she’s finally here!

(FYI: the link leads to Cutie, not Emmy :wink:)


She’s too big for me to be able to complete but I think she is AMAZING. And I cannot wait to see what all of my fellow reborners create with this sculpt. She is absolutely darling.


I would love to have seen your version❤️
She is def big though…I’m not sure a lot of us will be able do her.


Guessing you were not the happy winner of the Facebook drawing :smile:


What size wig does she need please?


Oh my I have been trying not to hit the buy button… I’m rapidly caving!!! Somebody help me!!! lol


@marrabo I didn’t enter, lol!


Doo…it!! :smile: haha I’m no help!


Wow!! that is a good way to win NOTHING :smile:


Yep you gotta play to win. :cry:


I have been waiting so long for this release! I can’t wait to start this baby. However, in the back of my mind I’m hearing myself during the last time I did a toddler swearing that I’ll never do another one…EVER! LOL


That’s not a toddler, that’s a first-grader! She’s cute but she’s huge!