New Release! Felicity's Asleep Realborn® is Here!

We have exciting news!!!

Felicity’s Asleep Realborn is available TODAY! Both the sleeping and awake Felicity are now available. They would make such a cute set of twins! You can see both of these amazing babies featured on our home page at:

Felicity is such a precious baby, we can’t get enough of her! The real baby has some of the most stunning eyes we have ever seen on a newborn. Check out her amazing photo session here: She is such a beautiful girl!

You can make her Realborns yours here:
Felicity Asleep:
Felicity Awake:

Bountiful Baby


Couldn’t resist this wee one. :footprints: :baby:


Super cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Will save up for new kits when I can going to be hard when I have surgery in few weeks of not going to be able to paint as recovery

But I love the sleeping version of this kit

I love a lot of the Realborn kits


I love her squishy lips :heart_eyes:

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Excited to get her!

She’s beautiful! :two_hearts:I don’t think one more will hurt my kit diet… (I’ve also said the same thing for the last 3 kits I’ve bought but I’m just going to continue sticking with my story for just as long as they keep releasing these cuties. :rofl:)


That’s the spirit! :grinning:

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She’s beautiful!

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