New Release! Bountiful Baby Realborn® Emma is Finally Here!

Hi Everyone,

I am excited to introduce my baby to all of you! My little sweetheart was only 5 days old when I brought her into Bountiful Baby to be made into a beautiful Realborn®. When my Emma was born she weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces! She was a little bit of a bigger baby and had the cutest little baby fat in the world!

Watching my precious little Emma grow has been the most awarding experience ever, but having her captured as a newborn forever is just incredible! It has been amazing to have her be a tiny baby again! Holding a Realborn® Emma baby doll takes me back to the moments when she first entered into this world and how much love and happiness came with her.

Realborn® Emma is available NOW and is featured on the home page of our website:


Bountiful Baby


I am a big fan of this little one sooo sweet !


She’s so adorable, Emily!! What a special gift! I can only imagine how special it must be to have your little one captured into a real 4D newborn baby doll :heartpulse: Not to mention Emma will have her very own Emma doll :blush: a little girl’s dream :baby: Thank you for sharing her with us. Emma’s been one of my favorite Realborn kits since BB’s first reveal. I can’t wait to paint my version of your sweet little Emma :blush:

I love the kit, she’s such a beautiful baby!
How old is the real Emma now?

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She is such a beautiful little blessing! My youngest was 8, 2 also!

Awww she is so precious! And that is so so special. Thank you for sharing with us your perfect model!

Beautiful. She reminds me a little of Summer Rain which is my favorite.

adorable I love her