New Release! 3 Month Joseph Awake is Here!


Good Afternoon!

We have an exciting new release! Chubby 3 Month Joseph Awake is available now! We have been very much looking forward to his release, and we know many of you have been as well!

You can find his Awake 3 Month Realborn here:

We also have an adorable new torso for him! His full round torso can be found here: He also fits our chubby front belly plate, found here:

Joseph’s 3 Month sleeping version was one of our most popular kits of all time! His Awake 3 Month Realborn has quite a long list of people waiting for him as well. Now is your chance to own your own chubby awake Joseph! His release is also featured on our home page at:

Real Joseph was chubby for his age and wore 9 month sized clothing at the age of 3 months. You can see more photos of the adorable real baby here:

Have a great day!

Bountiful Baby


YAY!!! Just ordered 2…so excited!!! :smile:


I ordered one and the vinyl torso.:grinning:


I was literally sitting down to order him when my partner texted from work to let me know her job is doing layoffs and they cut her hours clean in half! :frowning: I guess I’ll be waiting on him!! Maybe by the time Patience and Jo awake are available at the same time, we’ll be able to afford to order. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s versions!!


Yesssss!!! Gotta have those cute torsos!!!


Oh nooooo…so sorry about the layoffs, Beck :disappointed:


Thank you, we’ll be okay soon!! A little tough now as I’m off work for another month following surgery, and my sick pay isn’t quite as much as I’d like, but we have savings. I’m also being considered for a position that would make enough so she could quit her job, anyway, so hopefully that will come through! :relaxed:


Got him…even though I was supposed to be on break from kits (ooops) until June is available…but, oh well!


Sending lots of good vibes your way!!!


Can’t wait to get started on him!


June!!! :hugs::revolving_hearts::hugs:


Omg how did I miss that torso?? I just thought it was a belly plate. So cute. It will be mine!


Too cute!!!


I got my chunky little dude too, but with just the belly plate.
Is Joseph’s torso like the one that was made for LLE Journey or can the torso be put on/taken off without dismantling the whole baby?


Hope your position comes through for you. I know just when you think everything is good here comes another challenge.Best of luck to you.:hugs:


I think it stays on.


It’s a half torso so it goes down to just under the belly button like BB’s crawler kits. It doesn’t have a genital area but you’d have to take the head and arms off to take off the torso


I’m so sorry. I have to wait too. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates!