New Reborner - Are my supplies okay?


Hi guys! I’ve been a reborn collector for about 6 years now, but I’ve always been curious as to the process itself. Finally a beautiful Dominic awake has come home with me to be “born.”

I’m going the air dry paints method and I have some questions about my supplies.

I have a combination of WInsor & Newton, Liquitex and Folkart paints. I have a DecoArt Media Ultra Matte Medium and matte Mod Podge. I have distilled water and all the body components (body, magnets, polyfil, et cetera.) Also I have E6000 and tacky glue. Am I missing anything? I’ve been doing research for a few weeks now, but everything is confusing and conflicting.

Can I use the Ultra Matte Medium as a base coat? Do I have to have FolkArt Glass and Tile Medium? I can’t find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Here is a little help, lol. Firs of all Welcome the the addiction of reborning. We would love to see your babies.

This is an expensive but awesome hobby. You will always need something else as you go along and learn this wonderful craft. Sounds like you have everything for a good start. I use Liquitex Heavy and Soft Body, and do not do a base coat though some do. I mix in distilled water, liquitex matte gel, sometimes I mix in Golden Glazing liquid as an extender, I used to use FAGT when I first started now I just use Deco Art Soft Touch Varnish to seal.

As you go along just come back to ask for help or what you need to do next. Good Luck and Happy Reborning. I am sure someone else will come along and give you some more advice.

Here is more help.


Welcome to the forum! This may be confusing and conflicting because each person has their own favorite products that they have found works for them with the method they are using. Here are a few things I would suggest to add to your list:
Sponge wedges- I use these for mottling, blushing and small touch ups.
Jars- For mixing your paint mix in and that have lids so that your paint does not dry up when you are not using them.
Brushes- A good variety of paint or cosmetic brushes.
Gel- I use the Liquitex ultra matte gel in my paint mix which helps the paint adhere to the vinyl and reduces the shine.
Prisma pencils- I use these for eyebrows and they work best after the 1st layer of the sealer is applied and cured.

No you do not need to use the FolkArt Glass and Tile Medium. Most of the time I do not use a base/prime coat, but if you do a search with the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of the page for Priming you will find some good inputs on this.


Oh wow I was completely shocked about the no base coat. Okay, that makes things a lot easier. Thank you.


White brushes. Sometimes the black brushes show up on your dolls. Also I just started and I’m excited for you too. I’m going to get a beauty blender and a makeup brush for some of the areas of my doll. Also some high pigment eyeshadow powders.


I like to use a base coat/sealer to help keep the paint from absorbing into the vinyl which can sometimes happen no matter what paint you use.
You can use the ultra matte medium for this…and you may want to thin it a bit with water because you don’t need it very thick. I sometimes use the Liquitex matte gel with water because it gives a good tooth to that first layer so it sticks much easier.


What will you do with the eyeshadow? I also grabbed a brand new eye shadow brush for brushing off extras.


I have a tutorial from facebook that shows how to blush using high pigment powders and detailing the face and ears etc. You brush off the extra and paint over it with your paint in thin layers. It looks good! It’s an advanced level but easy to do.


Oh that’s very interesting. I’d never heard of that technique before.


I hope this OK to list. Here’s Sue Ellen’s group. It’s closed but you can join.


Ok, I requested to join. Thanks for the link.


All the tutorials are there with files. It’s really helpful.


I wasn’t allowed in the group, but thanks! I’ll look elsewhere.


What happened? Did you answer the questions?


I did…I’m not sure why. It’s okay!


That’s so strange. I wanted you to see the tutorials.


Yes I really wanted to as well. Maybe I’ll try again.